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So I am in the field of psychology and had a bunch of hours to complete to get my license as well as a credential since I studied two different fields of psychology. While completing my hours, almost 3,600 I injured my back somehow and ended up needed surgery after two years of trying everything else.

I spent one year working two part time jobs which meant when they ended I could not get unemployment since they were contractual and part-time. My credential hours had 3 paid positions offered within a 60 mile radius of my home and I did not land any of them and took an unpaid internship. As my internship neared completion, I started applying for jobs, intereviewed and was offered the first one, so I stopped looking. So when the question on the online form asked are you looking for work I clicked NO. I had just finished my internship, graduate school, and had been offered a job. But I would still need money over the summer while recovering from surgery to pay my expenses.
I applied for Disability and was denied because “I had withdrawn from the workforce,” by taking an unpaid internship for a year and getting a job that started in August since I work in the K-12 school system which gives you the summer off. Despite clarifying this on the website, with a person, and completing multiple forms. I am lost as to how to get my money, since I paid into SSDI and now can’t get it when I need it.
Awaiting the appeal process.

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So I opened my claim in September and ended up working an “as needed” job for 13 straight weeks @ $1K per week before tax, plus 4 weeks this year at roughly that.
However, my claim balance has two and some change payments left on it and I have no job prospects. The claim doesnt expire until September.
Once the balance runs out is there any way of applying that 17 weeks of work to this claim balance? Is it possible to close tbis claim and ooen another based on the new qualifying weeks?
Basically is there anything I can do to free up that money now?

Mind you I’m not asking for free money or charity. This is money I paid in and qualify for. I just need to know my options.


I am schedule for a personalized job search assistance appointment. I am unable to attend on the date schedule for family reasons. Does anyone has successfully reschedule an appointment on a different date? Thank You.

I was unemployed for about 4 months from November-February due to lack of work at my regular job and filed a claim with EDD. I took a small part-time job for 3-4 weeks and stupidly didn’t report them with EDD because I misunderstood the question if I had worked (I took it as a question of if I had worked for the company I was claiming benefits for) It’s a little over a month later and I received a letter of determination for failing to update my resume (There was nothing to update from my previous claim, I had filed the previous year for 2 months for the same job). My benefits for the first two weeks of February were suspended and the last weeks I haven’t certified for because I started back at work on February 21st and do not need benefits. The phone interview is tomorrow and was looking for any tips and how I should bring up that I was overpaid if they would just not pay the few weeks they had suspended due to my resume not being updated.

I was having extreme problems using the EDD site myself for days, but I finally was able to complete my claim just now without any issues…

Initially, I had been using Google Chrome on Ubuntu Linux and had no end of problems. On a hunch, I decided to try Microsoft Edge in my Windows 10 VM and it worked perfectly. Apparently the EDD site is not engineered properly to work with Google Chrome. I haven’t bothered to try Mozilla Firefox. I will continue using my Windows 10 VM for the EDD UI Claims.

If you can, try using Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. I suspect that IE 11 on earlier versions of Windows should work OK as well… Maybe.

Reissued Claim form

November 10, 2016 · 1 comment

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My claim form is being reissued. I was wondering if:
1. They send your original filled out claim form with your reissued claim form?
2. I’m not sure what I filled out, do they compare your original claim form with the one the filled out reissued one?

A few years ago I was on unemployment. The forms were constantly late or if I sent them in they would send back the same weeks of forms 2+ times each with dates dating back a long while. This happened for months and was insanely confusing. I called constantly and emailed all the time about it. Then they cut off my unemployment for too many “late” forms. I appealed and got a hearing with a judge who saw all my attempts to fix the issue and ruled in my favor and forced them to pay me in a lump sum for all they withheld. Fast forward to the present. I got laid off and of course filed unemployment. After a month or so of not getting any money on my card I finally received a letter stating that they are holding 8 weeks of pay due to late forms the last time I had unemployment (even though I won the case). Roughly 3600.00 of it. I call and email but to no avail. I can never get through and everything goes unanswered. Does anyone know how to contact them?! I need to dispute this and get my damn money.