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I was laid off last year and received unemployment benefits. By June 2017 of this year all my benefits were exhausted and because I haven’t found a job yet, I was advised to apply for benefits when my claim expired. My claim expired 12/2/2017 and I applied for a new claim recently. So I received a disqualification letter stating that I would have to worked this year in order to receive benefits. A week later I received an award letter stating the weekly amount and an edd booklet. So I called edd and asked a representative who didn’t really give me an answer as to why I received a disqualification and then an award letter. I just don’t have it in me to sit on the phone for four hours only for a recorded person to tell me to call back later.So can anyone tell me what this means? Am I getting benefits or am I not?

SDI human contact

November 29, 2017 · 4 comments

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I appled for SDI 10/31/17 my doctor took 2 weeks to mail her portion in. My status has been pending almost 2 eeks and when I call 1-800-480-3287, it is all automated. My claim has been pending forever. Anyone know how to reach a human? I have had no income for 6 weeks now.


November 16, 2017 · 4 comments

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Got SDI questions?

How many jobs do you apply for a day/week? And why do you choose the amount?

Help Filing Extension

November 2, 2017 · 1 comment

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I filed in January 2017…only collected for 2 weeks..took a temporary job…worked til June and was laid off there so I filed again but it was still under that claim from January 2017. I still haven’t found a job and my benefits will run out soon. I don’t want to scramble to figure out how to file for an extension…there is no information on website. I know I will have money because I worked during the the time a new claim will be calculated. Just need to know how to file extension…or do I just file a new claim? Filing a new claim doesn’t make sense because there is no job that I lost…just ran out of benefits. I have benefits until Dec 4th and want to avoid any interuptions in payments if I don’t find a job by then!
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

After a month of benefits, my doctor screwed me over by stating I will return to work sep; 1st 2017; even though I told her I was still in pain and could not do my regular duty at work. So she released me I go back to work and my boss says he’s not taking me back cause he doesn’t want to risk me being re injured. So I’m screwed now cause who’s going to pay me? EDD sent me a supplementary Certificate sep 2nd 2017: i didn’t receive until Sep 25th 2017. And the doctor refused to see me again so I had to look for another doctor my attorney got me. But that took almost 1 month and a half I finally see a new doctor and it took him 2 weeks to fill out my 2525x certificate: I finally picked it up today and sent it express mail to Sacramento california. My worry is that once they receive my forms they will not pay me for September and ocotober. That’s two months of my benefits being delayed cause my doctor screwed me. I feel like the 20 days they give you to turn in certificate is unfair. Has anyone experienced this? And if so will they pay me the two months my benefits were delayed? I been outta work almost 4 months and I’ve only received benefits for one month. please help any advise is very well appreciated thank u

I filed for unemployment. The last place I worked at last year was a pizza place. I delivered. I told EDD I left because I had to go back to Illinois to help put my father with ALS move into an assisted living place. And the pizza owner would not give more than 2 days off. I had to go back several times to Illinois since. Sold my car for money later so cant’ deliver.

Was denied. Now appealing. Any appeal tips? PLEASE. THANKS