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The CA EDD is one massive bureaucracy. Learn tips, trick and inside knowledge from others in your situation.

I was having extreme problems using the EDD site myself for days, but I finally was able to complete my claim just now without any issues…

Initially, I had been using Google Chrome on Ubuntu Linux and had no end of problems. On a hunch, I decided to try Microsoft Edge in my Windows 10 VM and it worked perfectly. Apparently the EDD site is not engineered properly to work with Google Chrome. I haven’t bothered to try Mozilla Firefox. I will continue using my Windows 10 VM for the EDD UI Claims.

If you can, try using Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. I suspect that IE 11 on earlier versions of Windows should work OK as well… Maybe.

Reissued Claim form

November 10, 2016 · 1 comment

in Tips

My claim form is being reissued. I was wondering if:
1. They send your original filled out claim form with your reissued claim form?
2. I’m not sure what I filled out, do they compare your original claim form with the one the filled out reissued one?

A few years ago I was on unemployment. The forms were constantly late or if I sent them in they would send back the same weeks of forms 2+ times each with dates dating back a long while. This happened for months and was insanely confusing. I called constantly and emailed all the time about it. Then they cut off my unemployment for too many “late” forms. I appealed and got a hearing with a judge who saw all my attempts to fix the issue and ruled in my favor and forced them to pay me in a lump sum for all they withheld. Fast forward to the present. I got laid off and of course filed unemployment. After a month or so of not getting any money on my card I finally received a letter stating that they are holding 8 weeks of pay due to late forms the last time I had unemployment (even though I won the case). Roughly 3600.00 of it. I call and email but to no avail. I can never get through and everything goes unanswered. Does anyone know how to contact them?! I need to dispute this and get my damn money.

Jerry Browns office about EDD, there are laws that EDD need to follow

Jerry Browns office about EDD, there are laws that EDD need to follow

EDD and BOA Have Been Kind

August 21, 2016

in Tips

I have been on unemployment now for two months. I waited the two weeks like everyone else (which sucked), but have received my deposits consistently the whole time.

I have to recertify every other Sunday and usuall submit the Web-Cert at midnight going into Sunday. For the last two months I have been getting my deposit by 8:30 pm the same Sunday.

I know it sounds weird, but YES, I DO certify and get my deposit on the same Sunday.

I figure as long as I keep things simple on my end, I wont have any problems on theirs.

Also, I recently had my wallet stolen, and was allowed by BOA to have my balance sent to Western Union for a small fee (+-$10)to keep me afloat until the new card arrived.

I don’t go into anything with high hopes concerning the EDD, but am so far satisfied with how things turn out.

Although it isn’t a perfect system, it works.


I’m curious how the two week pay period works when you will be returning to your previous job for the second week in a certifying period. Will they count the earnings from that second week against you for the first week when you didn’t make any money? This seems disingenuous as it will also take longer to get access to that second week paycheck. I’m just curious if I would at least be able to collect my first week ~400 otherwise my coworkers will wonder why I’m turning tricks while fully employed.

Thank you in advance. I’ve already stopped eating.