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I thought I should share my experience. I filed for unemployment last Nov online. I answered yes when asked if I was attending school. I entered that the class was online & included the name of the college. I started another online class in Jan & selected yes to starting school/training when certifying. I did this again in Feb. I realized I needed to complete a training program in order to get a job. I started looking into CTB. I found a school & program that met the requirement. Since I notified them of my prior school attendance I figured this counted towards the requirement to inquire prior to the 16th week. I also thought my current job experience & title was not in demand since I could not find a job & the demand percentage was low. I started the training program in March & notified the EDD on my certification & through UI online. I had a phone interview & a week later I found out I was DENIED for CTB and TE because I did “not apply for CTB prior to the 16th week of benefits” & “I was not out of work due to lack of demand for my current occupation.” I was also denied benefits for my current claim because I was “not available for work due to my school schedule.” At this time I called the EDD & had another phone interview regarding my availability for work. I provide proof that I switched to the night class so the representative lifted the disqualification. But I still had to appeal the other disqualifications. I met with the judge & explained that I notified the EDD 4 times that I was going to school, that I did not have a certificate/degree for my previous job & I was trained on the job. I have 5 years experience, but I could not find a similar job nor was I qualified for jobs with the same job title. I also explained I was looking/available for work even though I was attending school. A week later I found out that the judge reversed the decision. I am now on the 6 month training extension. Let me know if you have any questions.

REA Meeting 2016

May 19, 2016 · 1 comment

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Ok so I just had my meeting yesterday, and for those who are searching what the REA meeting in CA in 2016 is like, look no further.

First off, rest assured it’s really easy.

Second off, just show up. That’s it really. All they want to know is whether or not you are looking for work and are a living human being.

The group meeting is about an hour long and this is when they hand out some flyers and discuss opportunities and websites you can visit to help you get a new job. I actually learned a few things.

Then you fill out some easy paperwork and decide which mandatory workshop you go to the following week. I had two to choose from. One was an hour and a half and the other 2 hours. They give two days to choose from and the time at which it is. You have to go to this workshop or else your benefits will stop.

It’s probably gonna be more slides with information about how to get work. Haven’t had mine yet.

No need to get there early as we all just filed in the room at the same time. Finally after the slides, they call you up and ask for your questionnaire that needs to have a minimum of 6 (3 per week)potential job searches.

That’s it. No video to watch, no certification, they didn’t even check my ID. After the slides, they call everyone up one by one and you give them the paperwork, and sign out. It all took about an hour. Rest easy! Just show up with your questionnaire filled out, listen to the presentation and you’re done. Hope this helps.

If I check the box on my cert for tax withelding, how much would I get after tax? Let’s say I get $450 per week, how much do I get after tax?

Thank you.

Hi, I just started collecting benefits and have an interview for a short 4 week job next week. My question is, if I get the job, do I contact EDD and let them know, or do I just stop certifying and reopen my claim when the job ends? I had to do it once before but I can’t remember if I contacted them or not, or just didn’t certify. Any answers would be helpful, thanks.

Dates all wrong

April 27, 2016

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I got my appeal info in mail yesterday and have 6 days to prepare. Employer claims I got fired 3/3/16 for misconduct for an incident on the day before 3/2/16, which was my day off. They also stated I was verbally warned on 1/16/16 which is on a Saturday and no one works on Saturday. Are these discrepancies alone enough to win my case or do I need to get into more details of what happened?

I’m in Los Angeles and my appointment is at 1:30 if that makes a difference. Thanks.

Won My Appeal BUT….

April 24, 2016 · 1 comment

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I won my appeal that I posted about a couple days ago but I should have three months of back ou because of the appeal drama but EDD is refusing to pay it and just is writing False Statement on the claim. WTF is false statement? There was no false statement. I’m homeless and carless because of this stupid employer playing games, can I fight this with the EDD because all I see here is them not wanting to pay the back pay? Any help would be appreciated!