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The CA EDD is one massive bureaucracy. Learn tips, trick and inside knowledge from others in your situation.

I used to come on this site all the time when I was not employed a few years ago. Flash forward to now, and I’m jobless once again.

My employer fired me over the phone and did not give the exact reason(s) after two years of employment. I received two different answers. All my EDD paperwork came in the mail today, the 12th.

I called my Payroll department last week and, get this, she told me that “I really like you, so I am going to tell you why. The company felt you were asking too much about your vacation payout for the previous year”.

Now , umm, wouldn’t that be retaliation? Firing me for simply asking a few times what was due to me per company policy? I never took vacation in 2015, and I just wanted to know if I was getting paid out for what I did not use.

I’m really nervous about this upcoming interview because I was fired. I know you can get UI if you were fired, but I’m in serious danger if I don’t qualify.

Any tips from non trolls?

I am on maternity leave and am attempting to tele-cert my additional 10 days due to CSection. I am receiving the maximum weekly amount of 1104, however when I type the amount into the telephone system it only accepts 3 digits and throws me out. Any tips?
Also if I go to a field office will I have better luck? I can’t get through to a live operator.
Certification link not active on my web profile.

BOA info

January 1, 2016 · 1 comment

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Just as a reminder with the holidays payment does get delayed. BOA does not take interest on money placed on hold due to bd and holiday delays. IF you get a 200 deposit, that same amount is on hold, then 200 dollars post to your account, therefore no money was taken to benefit BOA as they get payed through the state. Another thing, the deposits only come in bds (mon-fri) mostly between 11pm-8am Pacific time, there is no control from BOA to release anytime earlier even by a supervisor, (trust me I have asked several times).


December 15, 2015 · 8 comments

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I was fired on 9-26-14 after nine years steady work. Collected California UI 10-1-14 to 12-1-14. Got ill, collected SDI 12-1-14 to 12-1-15. Re-applied for UI on 12-5-15 and a week later got EDD Sec. 1277 letter, all boxes checked except for (e) “You were not paid UI benefits on your last claim nor were you paid DI or WC benefits during the above period.” Also said: I do not have the required wages from 9-28-14 to 9-26-15. Obviously, I was disabled, on SDI for 12 months. Question: what are my chances of getting back on UI? Thanks.

Should I certify online as well?

December 15, 2015

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I mailed in my claim form yesterday, and later on that day I got the award letter and account number info mail from Ed so I set up my account. Since I mailed in my continued claim form, would it be necessary to certify online as well?

finally paid at 10 32

December 14, 2015 · 1 comment

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I’ve been paid already finnaly


December 12, 2015 · 20 comments

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During 2015, I received a check for a freelance piece of writing–the writing was completed WHILE I was not on UI. However, I didn’t receive a check until months later.

I was so confused about how to claim independent contractor work (1099) and, at the time, had no idea I even had to claim for an amount that was technically previously done. Once I realized the error, I didn’t bring attention to it with EDD as months had passed. I am nervous that after I file my taxes I will be asked about this income.

My questions are: What can I expect from the EDD? Will I receive a letter of proposed overpayment? Will they contact me to verify the income? Perhaps they will contact the issuer of the 1099 directly and then I will hear nothing?

Thanks. And any further advice would be great. I suffer from extreme anxiety so any knowledge that will help me understand the process of what to expect would help me immensely.