Check didn't come?   Telecert down?   Web login failed?

Where’s my Money!?

Just wondering if their are still propel who did not get paid last night?

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Sent in my 2525XX extension for benefits form last Aug 7. They say they received it last Aug 15. What is it doing on their desk? I have not been paid since August 4 am so broke.


So, I’ve already gone through a phone interview and have been waiting for a response to see if I was approved. I’ve submitted 3 claim forms and still no pay. That’s 6 weeks worth of money! I called in the other day and surprisingly got a really nice and helpful lady. She informed me the mail to the employer was returned. I verified the correct address and I believe the employer is trying to avoid or delay unemployment for me. One they’re cheap and two there was a lot of tension between us. I’ve been on unemployment twice before so I know how to fill out correct information on claims. I have another phone interview for tomorrow. I just wanted to know if anybody knows or thinks I will get paid or at least get paid for waiting so damn long for something that’s not on my end. Helpful advice wanted, negative idiots can just continue about their worthless lives. Thanks.


It’s 10pm still haven’t been paid anyone else?


I filled a few weeks ago, and I sent in my forum with the questions on the 10th. I filled a couple years ago and have an EDD card, but I was only on unemployment for a very short period, but I recall getting paid on Th nights, but I have yet to receive anything yet. Just wondering what the delay might be? Thank you.

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I filled for my unemployment on 1st. Notice came in on the 7th, stated my weekly award. A couple days later, the questionnaire came in, did you look for work? Were you to sick, etc etc. It asked me to mail in on the 10th, I did. I was told by friends who have done UI in the past that normally you get paid Thursday night around 9 or 10. Is this how it works? Thank you.


Hey I filed though webcert on 8/10 and I haven’t been paid yet. The status still says submitted. Anyone else have problems getting compensated this week?


Filed Sunday am and was hoping to get paid tnght .



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Is telecert down…Sunday August 10 am los angeles


I just want to know if anybody has information about wtf is going on. I’ve submitted two claim forms and I still haven’t been paid. I have to submit my next claim for next weekend. I just can’t believe I’ve been waiting this long for my funds. Please help with good information.


Okay so I normally use paper forms but I just started using Web Cert. The first time I used it I was paid the next day. Well I just certified again on Sunday 8/3 it is now Thursday 8/7 and there is no payment. When I log into web cert it just says submitted. Should I be worried?