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Where’s my Money!?


April 22, 2014 · 2 comments

in Where's my Money!?

Hey everyone,

I was just approved for CBT pay and sent in 5 weeks worth of certs yesterday. Since I live in Sacramento I don’t have to wait that long. Today when I checked my bofa balance they only paid for for two and a half weeks. Do I need to call then or should I wait until Friday



Do u think easter is gonna mess with our paynents?


Two weeks ago I went to the Web Cert website to file my claim, where it remained stuck until I came across this website, used Tele Cert to submit my claim, and got my money.

Guess what? The April 20th claim appears to be stuck on Web Cert. *sigh*

Time to Tele Cert again.


I owed them a grand and they just took my last bit of money i was hopeing on. If i call them do you think they would have mercy and give it back or at least some of it..?



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I’ve only been cut off from unemployment for about a month, So first I want to shout out and send my thoughts to those who been cut since lated December. I live in NY and after losing my job I’ve had for 7 years I started relying on unemployment. With no skills besides maintenance and no money because now companies require you take their training which you pay for and not even guaranteed full time I decided to go back to school for Xray technology. I go five days a week, I paid off all student dues while I was receiving UI. With no money for transportation I started hopping trains and asking for metrocard swipes. Long story short, Last weekend I got arrested for asking for a metrocard swipe. The government is failing us and the people who need the money aren’t getting. Any news on where I can get current info and if they will give all money owed? I’ve borrowed from too many people and embarrassed to ask for a dime more. If turning civilians into criminals was their plan, they’re succeeding.


I have finally been approved for a TE while I am on CTB. I have not received a letter yet, but I called and the lady informed me that I was found eligible, and my claim forms are showing up in web cert even though I have to paper cert. I was just wandering if I will get the same weekly amount as I was getting prior to my TE??


Unfortunately, despite correctly certifying last September – EDD issued payment in full without reducing for my earnings. Now, my benefits are being applied to my overpayment repayment, lol. Which actually means 2 have weeks so far have passed where I received nothing. Nada! Rien! Zilch! As it would happen this is the week after my new claim began so of course that required the waiting period week of no benefits. Which was after the week where I certified 37 hours only to be told that was “excessive” and would not be paid any benefits. The weeks prior to this appear to have completely fallen off the calendar for EDD – we went from 2/1/14 then crickets until the claim form explanations listed above begin again on 3/1/14 so 2/8, 2/15 & 2/22 are stuck somewhere in the upgraded 30 year old system.

Does anyone know is there some sort of mercy rule, that would prevent the EDD from refusing to pay benefits for more than a month’s worth of perfectly received certifications? Are they hoping I simply starve to death or lose my home and am unable to survive in the elements? This seems incredibly cruel for a Human Services department.


I would just like to extend well wishes to all of us who are struggling either with regular UI, or otherwise. Unemployment has been an utter and complete disaster since the new computer system, and now with extensions. I am praying that each of us whom are struggling find solace in all this mess. Lord hear our prayers.

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I’m still trying to receive this payment. After e-mailing the department every day for 6 months I finally received a response with a phone number to an adjuster’s desk.

He told me I would receive my payment today. No payment, not even a call from him to tell me what happened.

I will call him tomorrow. As soon as I receive my payment I will be emailing my congressman and post his number here, for those who want a direct line to an actual person.

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When did you cert and when did it kick in also where are you located!