Check didn't come?   Telecert down?   Web login failed?

Where’s my Money!?

Anyone been paid after memorial weekend


please post when paid

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I always certify at 12:00 AM on Sunday (5/24 this time) and get paid Monday night. It is now Tuesday (5/26) 6:00 PM and I have yet to get paid. How about you guys?


Post Paid.. Just want to know when everyone recvd payment.. Thanks


Good morning! I usually certify on Sunday AM and my money is deposited to my card Monday around 9:45 PM. Nothing was deposited Monday night – is it because Monday was a holiday? Does anyone have experience with Monday holidays, specifically will my money most likely be deposited tonight (Tuesday)? Thanks!

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I last received my EDD payment on May 4th. I called today and the lady was very rude! She said to me you’re not getting paid because you keep sending the form right away and you can’t do that, you need to wait. I informed her that the letter states that it needs to be submitted by May 28 which I did, so I’m not understanding the issue. She said that’s why, you’re not supposed to do that. So when exactly am I supposed to send it? Am I supposed to send it late or are they just going to say to me like they have before “we have not received it.” Well how was I supposed to F@#% know?… I have been going to job interviews and my car requires gas, I don’t have any gas or money. I have an interview today and I have no other way of transportation, great this is going to look bad on me now. Thanks EDD you guys are great. I’m not going to walk for 2 -3 hours to the other side of town and show up at the interview all sweaty! Unprofessional.


Let us know when paid?