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Where’s my Money!?

I filled out my claim forms online on 10/3 and got paid on 10/5, but the problem is I only got paid for ONE week and it says the other weeks payment is “still pending”…Does anyone know why this can happen?


New to EDD.

October 5, 2015 · 1 comment

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I certified on Sunday 10/4/2015 using UI Online. I’m just curious to know how long do I have to wait to get my pay?

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They lost my claim form again and its been a month since I got paid. I called them and they said claim forms get stolen ALL the time. In other words they lose them all the time. The only way to be sure is send all paperwork and claim forms by registered mail. It costs more but you won’t have to suffer like me right now


First off, I don’t believe in abusing the system. However, I feel that the system is abusing us. I’ve been off work since May, and had to rely on disability to make ends meet. They used to pay me 175 every week, then decided to pay me every two weeks, totaling to a 325. I have no problem with that; it helps me pay for my bills and whatever else I need. I’m just upset that now it’s taking more than two weeks to receive my disability. They’ve stopped it once because they thought I returned to work, which is bullshit because there was no paperwork filed and no proof that I had recovered from my injury from my job. I filed paperwork to get it started again and received a check with a total amount that I was owed. I went into their office and wasted 2 hours, just for them to say that they haven’t stopped it and that I should receive it that day. Well now I’m not receiving it at all. I tried contacting them and it’s all automated! They want me to provide information I don’t even have! Tried using my customer ID number, but it’s not even going through! I just want to talk to someone that speaks English and can help me figure out what’s going on because I’m really upset and really hating our US government even more.

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This is my first time trying to receive UI benefits and hopefully my last. This whole system is a f**king joke. It’s been two whole months and a week since my supposed claim start date and I haven’t gotten any of my money. From the beginning it’s been nothing but jumping through hoops, wander mazes of touchtone phone menus, and attempting to actually find a real live person to talk to. It’s been TWO MONTHS. Luckily I live with family so it’s a little bit easier to not pay rent on time, but if I lived anywhere else, I’d be on the streets by this point. And I’m awfully hungry, it would e awesome if I could eat someday soon. I can’t even begin to properly look for a job because 1.) I can’t afford the gas for my car, and 2.) I can’t afford to buy the things I need to properly present myself to possible employers. My favorite part is, I have a friend who was dealing with them as well and the EDD decided they over payed and my friend had to pay them back; I bet you can guess it wasn’t even a week before this friend started getting threatened with legal action. Suddenly the EDD fully understands the need to receive money IMMEDIATELY, right? But here I am, hungry, feeling like a prisoner of the state, and I can’t even get a hold of a real person to ask why I am being punished in such a way for Over two months. I have about five dollars to my name at this point, which isn’t even enough to kill myself with. I don’t feel like I am a real person in the eyes of the EDD, and I’m on the verge of insanity because I don’t even have a person or place to vent my anger at. How could it ever be ok to let this happen to someone? I can only hope that someday the EDD gets totally defunded and all these bureaucratic a**holes lose their jobs overnight and have to explain to their children why they can’t eat dinner anymore.


always cert Sunday online and usually receive 9pm Monday*. Anyone else not recieve theirs? Online shows “submitted”, no deposits have been made via automated system not BOA..


No payment

August 26, 2015 · 0 comments

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Telecert on Sunday morning and it’s now Wednesday night and no payment… Anyone else having payment issues?