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Where’s my Money!?

I did not receive my expected $900 dollar bi-weekly UI payment today (July 3rd, 2015). Is anyone else having problems? The only thing I can figure that messed this up is the following. I had a mandatory “Introduction to Services Workshop” scheduled for June 19th. I arrived exactly 2 minutes late, and was not allowed in. I was told to simply come the following week for the group appointment. I came the next week and completed the workshop. I found in my mailbox yesterday(July 2nd) a letter that required me to state why I missed the June 19th appointment. I sent them back the letter today stating I had arrived late, but attended the workshop on the 26th. The letter was the typical financially-scary letter about stopping benefits etc… Could this possibly have stopped my benefits even though since the letter was sent I did, in fact, go to the appointment? The staff at the career center made it seem like it was no big deal, nothing to formally reschedule, and my understanding is EDD should have on record I attended, albeit a week late. I’m very dependent on this money and am about to be homeless without it! I submitted my 2 week certification on Tuesday, today is Friday. Anyone else not get paid today? Very worried…


I haven’t been on unemployment in a while, but I remember the money showing up by Thursday morning if I certified Sunday by phone. I haven’t received anything yet and was wondering if anyone else was having problems. I didn’t see a Post When Paid thread for this week.

Also, I realized that my BoA debit card is expired. I already ordered a new one, but while I wait, will I be able to get my money from the bank if my card expired in June?


Has anyone recently contacted EDD and heard they are having computer issues. I have(d) two claims. I was laid off twice, both same time of year. I filed my new claim on June 15 after getting laid off the previous Friday. My notice of award and a one week form form first week only came right away. A couple days after I got a claim for for old claim as I still had a small sum left. So my old form showed up and was mailed after more recent and newer claim. Supposedly you can skip the one week waiting if you are in my situtation. But now my forms received out of order, it doesn’t seem to be case. Usually I get my value load notice about 9 something in evening, but I have not yet. And that form for one week was received on Thursday, but here it is Monday and still waiting. I called Friday as well and they had some computer issue, called today and they had another. Still waiting :( It seems you are screwed when you work at all even just temp jobs of 5 hours or so a week as always something holding them up


You know what to do


Anyone know if this new ui online thing actually works? Normally i mail in my form on sat and receive funds on tues. This time i certified on ui online on sun. And its wed now and its still listed as pending? So is snail mail processed quicker than thier new system or does it work at all? Has anyone certified using ui online? I hurried and filled out the paper form today as well, hopeing to get paid by friday.


Start this early. Post when paid tonight!!!


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