Check didn't come?   Telecert down?   Web login failed?

Where’s my Money!?

I telecert Sun am usually, sometimes I forget and do it Sun pm. Anyway, I’ve always got my money by Monday (on my debit card). I checked today at noon while I was grocery shopping (was tuesday) and it said my last payment was Monday July 14th..2 weeks ago, so I panicked..found this site..saw there was maintenance issues maybe? I decided to call again tonight because it updates every morning at 6am it says, and it says not to call more than twice a day…To my surprise it said last payment “Monday July 28th” – even tho it was Tuesday and 6 hours earlier it said the 14th. Long story short, got my money. System is weird and contradicting.


I’m so confused. . .
So, I reopened a claim back in June. That claim ended June 14th so I had to re-apply. During that time I was offered temporary work from my employer. My employer then sent a letter to EDD stating that I was working until 7/11 and that I’d be working 20 hrs. a week. During one of those weeks I was not able to work due to a paperwork mishap and I had to wait until it was cleared up. So. . .EDD scheduled a phone interview on 7/23 to ask why I only worked 7 hrs. during a week where my employer said I’d be working 20 hrs. I explained the situation to the interviewer and she was very nice and everything seemed fine. I got a letter that indicated that they reset my claim to 7/13. Okay. . .these past two weeks I did not work so I WebCerted on Sunday night (after 9pm like they suggested because of maintenance) and I have not been paid yet. I have no idea why. . .
Any insights as to why?

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It Tuesday and still no money I always get it Monday night


Anybody get pay tonight I haven’t received my payment yet wth….usely get mine around 9:30 pm Stockton ca


How/When/Where did you file. Let’s do this. Hope everyone gets their payments tonight!


I would just like to know if you guys have gotten a deposit on your edd card on a saturday?

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My claim for benefits for the two-week period ending 12/28/13 was mailed to EDD on 12/30/13. When I did not received payment I e-mailed them through Ask EDD in January. There response was that my claim was received, but was pending review and they were having new computer system problems. I sent several more Ask EDD e-mails over the last 6 months. There response was either we are having computer issues or we never received your claim. Said they would send another claim form – could take 10 days to go through the mail. Form did not come so I contacted them again. Received the form, completed it and mailed it. The most recent and third claim form submittal was on 07/07/14. Again EDD says they never received it. Advised that I could register for web-cert and received payment that way, but when I do that it says my personal information is incorrect, which it is not. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do? I can’t believe that EDD is getting away with this game playing. Who do I contact for assistance?


Post if you were paid


Perhaps I screwed up my claim this time around as payments have been smooth the past few months but I’ve yet to get my payment this week.

Anyone else still not received payment?


I said:
Still have not received my card. Whats the hold up? It will soon be a month from my claim effective date.

You (edd) said:
Good Afternoon, Your payment was authorized on 07/07/14. You can call Bank of America to check on the status of the Debit Card. Bank of America phone number is 1-866-692-9374 Thank you.

Bank of America said:
Thanks for your inquiry, the funds would be loaded on your previous EDD card that expires 05/2014 (already expired.) You may order a new card that will arrive in 2 weeks, or pay a $10 FEE for 1 week delivery.

I am now saying:
What is with all the incompetence? Who is “working” on my claim? Why does no one ever answer the phone at “edd disability?” Why do I now have to pay late fee’s on all my bills because of the incompetence of EDD? Why do I have to end up contacting Michael Finney from 7 on your side?

It gets worse. My wife mailed in a completed disability claim over a month ago and still no payments. She e-mailed you and we get the run around. We have a new born and we ran out of money already. Thanks a lot. Glad our tax dollars are going to work for us with great people.

This has been a nightmare to say the VERY least. I feel sorry for the thousands of other families that had to go through this same horrible ordeal.
This message sent to “EDD” 7/16/14


I was wondering if anyone was able to get a hold of EDD today?