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Where’s my Money!?

I have been receiving unemployment since June with out a hitch i am currently enrolled in a nursing program and i am due to finish it next month in December since it is full time school i dont have to look for a job until i finish school, EDD usually sends me by mail a form that i have to fill out which i have to take to my school and get it signed stating im still enrolled i sent in the paper work on the 4th or 5th of this month and usually by now i would have received my benefits i cannot go on next month which is my final month of schooling unless i pay 280$ which i dont have im getting really nervous right now because they will drop me from school i tried calling edd but its impossible getting a hold of anyone on the phone i woke up at 8am on the dot since monday and try to call them to see whats going on and its always busy and i have not received anything in the mail. Does any one know if you stop receiving benefits if they will at least tell you with a letter in the mail ? my parents are telling me not to worry because there was most likely a delay at the us postal service i hope that is the case i need the money so i can finish school im a 3.2 GPA Registered nurse student and i cant believe im about to get screwed because edd wont send me my money for what ever reason


Is anyone experiencing a delay receiving their benefit payment this week? I am on a continued claim and traditionally on payment week SDI Online shows calculation on Tuesday and payment to BoA Wednesday. It’s payment week and there has been no update to my account on payment status.



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Sent in my claim form on Wed, Nov. 12th and still no money! Edd-Cert still says “Ready to file”. Has this happened to anyone else?

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I filled Sunday morning around 1am. Its now Monday Morning and no deposit in BOA. is this usual for Sundays?


The fund owes nearly $10 billion to the federal government — so much, the problem won’t fix itself even if disbursements fall to pre-recession levels, the Employment Development Department says.

SACRAMENTO — Late payments, glitch-prone computers and swamped call centers aren’t the only problems bedeviling California’s unemployment insurance program.

The insurance fund that pays state jobless benefits — run by the Employment Development Department — owes nearly $10 billion to the federal government. That’s because the state has been paying far more in jobless benefits than it receives in employer-paid taxes, and the feds make up the difference.

“The whole system is really whacked out right now and needs a fix,” said Assemblyman Curt Hagman (R-Chino Hills). “Every time you peel off a layer of this EDD, there’s an additional problem waiting to be tackled.”

Hagman is vice chairman of the Assembly Insurance Committee, which last week held an oversight hearing into the EDD’s operations.

California has been wrestling with its unemployment insurance debt for almost five years, and now it projects that the debt won’t be repaid for at least a decade. That’s unless Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration and the Legislature come up with a new way to pay for the employer-financed program.


Many Ui and Sdi customers havent been paid as of this period. I myself am one of them. It is wedensday, clising in on thursday and nothing yet on boa edd.

Anyone whos in the same situation post here.


Please confirm payment for 11-10-14. Also does anyone know if extensions just kick in or do we need to file for that separately? Happy pay day :)


I happened upon this site and I figured I would share my story. I’m seeing this as “therapeutic” because I’ve dealt with EDD’s shenanigans enough lol. I was laid off of a mid-management position in October of 2013 (due to “corporate downsizing”) and started collecting UI from late October till early February 2014. I then found employment at the Postal Service as a City Carrier Assistant starting February of this year. The position through USPS is “non-career” (their version of part-time), but that is a misnomer. I worked over 60+ hours every week and was lucky if I got more than 2 days off a month.

On my downtime I looked for a job that was in the realm of what I used to do, and that was full time. I had interviews with 2 other companies but couldn’t make them because of my schedule at the Post Office. Due to this, after the 2nd occurrence I put in my notice and voluntarily quit from USPS last month. I re-applied for EDD, had a phone interview, and hear crickets still. I’m curious to know if my leaving USPS has made in ineligible for EDD benefits, even though the position was not full time or permanent. The job literally made it so I could not seek out full time work. I asked for a day off at the USPS when I had interviews, and my boss graciously told me; “If you want a day off, quit”. I guess only time will tell. Thanks for listening to me vent.


I usually receive my EDD direct deposits on Thursday evenings. Since next Tuesday is a holiday, will this delay the payment until Friday? (hopefully not later). My rent is due Thursday and my landlord wants a money order and not a regular check.

Has anyone checked into this?


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I cannot believe edd has messed with my disabled husband for sooo long. I call and wait an hour on the phone for some rude ass, dumb person to answer and then they never give him the right info. he is disabeled and we need this money….wtf is going on? I think Edd needs to be audited

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