Check didn't come?   Telecert down?   Web login failed?

Where’s my Money!?

I would just like to extend well wishes to all of us who are struggling either with regular UI, or otherwise. Unemployment has been an utter and complete disaster since the new computer system, and now with extensions. I am praying that each of us whom are struggling find solace in all this mess. Lord hear our prayers.

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I’m still trying to receive this payment. After e-mailing the department every day for 6 months I finally received a response with a phone number to an adjuster’s desk.

He told me I would receive my payment today. No payment, not even a call from him to tell me what happened.

I will call him tomorrow. As soon as I receive my payment I will be emailing my congressman and post his number here, for those who want a direct line to an actual person.

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When did you cert and when did it kick in also where are you located!



Tested Eddsucks with my iphone 5 again and…
It works fine so far.

I have tested it three times and I have not been redirected to a p0rn site anymore.

Time 9:41 pm California.
4/13/14 (Sunday)

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I used to look at my dog and think, ‘if you were a little smarter you could tell me what you were thinking’, and he would look at me like he was saying,’if you were a little smarter, I wouldn’t have to’.


No link to this rant, just a troll making trouble

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Anyone have a problem with NOT getting deposit this past week? Thanks.


Harry Reid’s Chinese campaign contributors hired Harry Reid’s son as their lobbyist/lawyer to have Chinese energy company ENN build a solar power facility on federal public land in Nevada and that they conspired with the BLM to shut down Bundy Ranch a private rancher whose family has had cattle grazing that land for 130 years. The rancher said no and now is under siege by federal agents. It’s starting to look ugly as cell phone towers have been shut down around the property.
I guess no more tweets from Reid’s intern


26 billion was just spent by the government on the scientific study of bigfoot toenail fungus…’s you where we stand.


EUC Update

The House has adjourned until Monday April 28, 2014, so there will be no action on renewing EUC until after recess.


EDD Live Rep.

Best way to reach an EDD Rep from 8:00 am – thru 12:00 pm is to go early to a local work source center in the morning before they open the doors to reserve a number for you to have access to their direct phone lines.

Even with their direct phone lines may take awhile to reach a live EDD Rep.

Eventually, you’ll reach one if you keep trying from an EDD office.