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Where’s my Money!?

Hi edd fellow friends has anyone gotten paid??? has 4th of july made it slow to get us paid? Anyone else the same like me ??


Thank You!!


I now have two complete months of weekly certifying, with job search records every week.

For 20 years, I’ve paid in at the full, maximum yearly rate. And now, after two months, they’ve paid exactly nothing. There have been no emails about problems, and the online message system shows everything is “processing”. For two months?

If I’d had NO savings, I’d now be homeless. How is it that I can give literally 10s of thousands of dollars, and be completely unable to get even a few hundred out of them?

Is this complete incompetence? Is ANYBODY at EDD doing their jobs, other than to run a shaky, poorly designed and undoubtedly massively overpriced website?

Dear EDD: Stop playing Pokemon and do your jobs.

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July 8, 2016 · 4 comments

in Where's my Money!?

Was ur payment delayed this week???


As we all know, Monday is Independence day, meaning offices are closed. I submitted my claim at 12AM 7/3/2016 and now my claim status is “Paid”. A lot of people say when your status changes to “paid”, you will receive the funds same day. Last bi-weekly submission, I received payments SAME day at 8PM, that Sunday.

Hopefully nothing changes to the payment date due to Holiday! I don’t think it will because I received last payment at 8PM (11PM eastern)the same day, before it even hit Monday (Business day). Will update around 8PM pacific.


EDDis fraudulently claiming I have an overpayment yet on 4 different occasions their employees have confirmed THERE IS NO OVERPAYMENT. There is an unethical employee named Michael who hates to be wrong and needs to be fired as he is a fraud and wondering g who to contact to initiate a formal investigation against this idiot to expose his unethical conduct??


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