Check didn't come?   Telecert down?   Web login failed?

Where’s my Money!?

They send me something in the mail every 2 days with this written on it…”ALLOW 10 DAYS FOR DELIVERY OF CHECK”. annoying as h*ll.

Of course still waiting. Work ended 9/28, first which was approved (processed) after waiting period is 10/18. Nothing yet. Might as well say 30 days at this point. That’s how long since I’ve worked and did everything right with their system!

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I did the web-cert on Sunday, its now Tuesday night with no payment. Usually i get my money the next day. Anyone else still without payment??


Tele certed Sunday and have not gotten anything yet. Normally I get around 945-1000. Anyone else get payment yet?


Please post when paid tonight


I mailed out my form Friday 10/17. When should I expect to get paid? Thanks for any help


hi i did the telecert today sunday morning when do you usualy get paid tonight or tommorro night????

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I filed for UIB 32 days ago and just caught up with my first weeks’ pay. I had a week of disability back in May 2011 and was issued a card. Of course I do not have it anymore and it would be expired by now anyway, right? I was supposed to have been issued a card When I filed for unemployment, but was busy getting signed up for cal jobs, and getting my resume updated and out and did not even notice. And I should have read the entire page on edd site about debit cards. But after waiting like 3 weeks for phone interview that an additional phone interview would be needed in a week. So, I’m still not missing my “check”. Second phone interview came around and I was told the question had been answered by the first interviewer and my payment had been processed 2 days prior to the call. Of course there is a holiday thrown in there so I expected an additional delay. No panic yet, just trying to keep calm. Today as I was combing the web for info on what others had been thru, I kept seeing that debit card mentioned and got to thinking about my expired one and how funny it would be to have money sitting in an account I hadn’t used in more than 3 years. So I read every word on the edd site about debit cards and found 1 little paragraph that says ifthere has been no financial activity in last 6 months and balance on card is $19.99 or less a new card will not be automatically be issued. You have to contact B of A. So I called B of A and explained my story and sure enough, my first payment is sitting in there, to be joined tomorrow by the 2nd and 3rd payments. So I can get a new card in 7-10 business days, or I can pay rush shipping and get it in 3 days
I’ve been unemployed almost 5 weeks….guess what I chose? Now I ask you, would it have been so difficult for edd to add 1 sentence to their letters? “Our records indicate that you have a debit card already. Please contact B of A if this is not accurate”


I usually receive my DI payments Wednesday Evening. As of 10am this morning 10/16, no payment yet. The EDD DI website for my account says “No payments processed”. Debit card still says balance is $0. Is this because of Columbus Day? I can’t get thru to EDD by phone, and really need the money by at least tonight. Is there a way to get a hold of them by phone other than calling 800 number?

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Will EDD deposit money on Columbus Day?


I sent in my paper form on 10/05/14. I still haven’t received my payment. Is there something going on with the system. Or did they lose my form.


I have’nt worked this whole time (I am slightly physically deformed and have a hard time getting hired).

I finally got a temp job for 20 days.

Can anyone tell me…will that 20 days qualify me to collect unemployment again.. until I find permanent work???

Much appreciated…

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