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Well, I used your system and was immediately connected to a nice human! I had a determination of eligibility interview, approx. 3 weeks after my last day of work. I had to wait for my first form to arrive. Anyway, I turned in my first form too late for the system. I have been informed by the nice human, that my info. is not being recognized by the system, so I can not register on web cert until they get my paper form. The nice human was sympathetic and offered to send me the next series of forms while I am waiting for my first check…


Post upon payment…


Hey all – I got approved for unemployment. I have a small overpayment balance due from a prior claim. My penalty/disqualification weeks are over and it will take just three weeks of claims after this for my overpayment balance to be paid in full. So, here’s my question, will I get the B of A card after my overpayment balance has been paid? Or, should I have already received the card after my initial claim was approved? If I won’t get the card until after my overpayment balance has been deducted in full, how long after I have zero overpayment balance will I get the card? Will they issue checks before the card arrives or will I just get a lump sum for any weeks that I’ve submitted without having a card yet? Thanks so much!

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Post when n where paid


I applied for EDD after being fired from my job with no explanation. My direct manager was baffled by the companies decision and the district manager joined him in calling HR before handing me my last check and both were trying to discern what I had done to deserve this treatment. Neither had luck and I still don’t have an explanation of termination.

That was January 16th. I was told to wait for some paperwork in the mail. I don’t understand why this isn’t done online or over the phone like in almost every other state. Anyway, 9 days later it shows up. 8 days after that I get a letter response stating that I need to talk to someone on the phone the week prior. 4 days later I dealt with someone who the DMV would likely fire she was so rude. She tried just about everything to get me to admit to wrongdoing and tried to forcefully make statements to get me to agree that I deserved to be fired for something. She then told me to wait 2 weeks and I’d get notice of if my claim would be accepted or rejected.

This lovely program of ours still hasn’t sent me anything, oh, except at 50 days after the claim was filed and 31 days after dealing with the most horrid woman on the face of the planet, I got notice that they apparently did approve my claim because I got two blank pages with text at the top with the amount I’m being awarded for for weeks 3 and 4 of my unemployment. Apparently for me the “week long waiting period” is actually two weeks. I’m still waiting on the card that they tell me they have sent. So here I am, nearly 2 months later, still waiting to see the money for the unemployment insurance that I’ve payed into for more than 5 years. Thanks California for NOT taking care of business. Thanks California for being one of the highest in tax and the LOWEST in actually giving a shit about the people you tax.

Thanks to this fiasco I’m being forced to move soon because we all know how understanding landlords are regarding any delay in their money. Thanks CA.