Check didn't come?   Telecert down?   Web login failed?

Where’s my Money!?

Post if you were paid


Perhaps I screwed up my claim this time around as payments have been smooth the past few months but I’ve yet to get my payment this week.

Anyone else still not received payment?


I said:
Still have not received my card. Whats the hold up? It will soon be a month from my claim effective date.

You (edd) said:
Good Afternoon, Your payment was authorized on 07/07/14. You can call Bank of America to check on the status of the Debit Card. Bank of America phone number is 1-866-692-9374 Thank you.

Bank of America said:
Thanks for your inquiry, the funds would be loaded on your previous EDD card that expires 05/2014 (already expired.) You may order a new card that will arrive in 2 weeks, or pay a $10 FEE for 1 week delivery.

I am now saying:
What is with all the incompetence? Who is “working” on my claim? Why does no one ever answer the phone at “edd disability?” Why do I now have to pay late fee’s on all my bills because of the incompetence of EDD? Why do I have to end up contacting Michael Finney from 7 on your side?

It gets worse. My wife mailed in a completed disability claim over a month ago and still no payments. She e-mailed you and we get the run around. We have a new born and we ran out of money already. Thanks a lot. Glad our tax dollars are going to work for us with great people.

This has been a nightmare to say the VERY least. I feel sorry for the thousands of other families that had to go through this same horrible ordeal.
This message sent to “EDD” 7/16/14


I was wondering if anyone was able to get a hold of EDD today?


I webcerted yesterday morning at midnight. Anyone get paid? If so, please state what time and what area you’re from. Thank you. (I usually webcert Sunday at midnight and get it on Monday at 8:30pm)


Has anyone got paid tonight that web cert yesterday morning?


I exhausted my original 26 weeks in December, I’ve been let go from another job. i understand there’s no extensions but will I be able to open a new california state claim for being let go from a different employer

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Web cert

July 11, 2014 · 4 comments

in Where's my Money!?

Has anyone ever webcerted at 10 am and got payed that night?


I received my first amount after I got my EDD card with no trouble. That was about a month ago. I am now to 0.88 in my account and should have been funded by the 7th after the holiday week-end, I just checked and my balance is still 0.88. I have enough money supposedly coming to buy furniture for my one bedroom apartment. So I went out and spend my money hoping that EDD will come through and help me pay it off. I am beginning to get worried.


I just checked my B0A account and my disability payment that was allegedly sent to my account on July 4th just posted about a half an hour ago. If you’re in the same boat, check your accounts because I think we’re finally out of the woods. And hey, I only had to borrow money from both of my roommates and my best friend to eat (poorly) while the EDD enjoyed a nice long holiday weekend! My rent’s really late too and my phone has been shut off. At least it’s only 10 more days until the next payment.

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