Check didn't come?   Telecert down?   Web login failed?

Where’s my Money!?

I normally get paid by 7pm weds but nothing. Wondering of there is a delay this week???



June 21, 2016 · 4 comments

in Where's my Money!?

I certified through telecert couldn’t get through till about 945pm. Still waiting on my money and its Tuesday afternoon. Am i the only one going through this?????


I’m new to receiving unemployment. I certified my benefits last night on the web around 8:00pm PST. Under my claim history, the status of my last two weeks is listed as paid with a corresponding comformation number. However, umder my payment activity, those two weeks are not listed. Is this normal? Additionally, how much time usually passes once the status of a week is listed as paid before I will receive money in my EDD BofA account? Thank you for your patience with a new comer trying to navigate the program


Wassup with yall grown folks ! I am in a good mood heres why. If anybody as remembered me posting about web certifying at 2:00 am on sunday my payments are in and I assure you that web certify is the best since it took less than 24 hours! Dont believe what they say about web cert just take your time and do it..its your money you know, now It may be different for you but I am just surprised. I am new to unemployment so please understand. Happy fathers day and go warriors we will get a ring next year

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Just certified early sunday morning (today) around 2:00 Am when should I recieve benefits ? I did it through web cert, everyone says 48 hours butt i I was hoping it may be different lol let me know


Certified benefits Sunday 6.12.16 morning. Website still showing pending payment. How long does it take? And anyone else pending from Sunday?


Just curious 2 weeks ago Monday was a holiday and I recieved my payment a little after 6 on Sunday I fold literally at minding on Sunday and received my befits Sunday after 6pm anyone is this normal for them to pay ??? Sunday ??