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Where’s my Money!?

Give up you will never get your money EVER.. unless the feds take over this is the biggest insurance scam Ever… they have embezzled so much money I can’t even tell u and its been going on for countless years.. they have now been caught the phones are now shut down or they hang up the phone.. but wait all these scum bags are taking ur money.. ya.. no joke they get paid for what… I can’t even tell u.. what is goin on but its an inside job.. well like I said.. u will never get paid unless u drive down there.. and talk with the fraud unit.. that’s the only way at this point.. ciao for now


2/16/2018, WTF…the homeless outside my door are partying up cuz they got paid, “ontime”…..but im still waiting for a 10 day grace period. i pay my taxes then I get laid off, first time i have ever collected EDD ( im claiming my insurance damn it) and the fuk tard holes drug attics get paid on time….no debt to society . I served and defended this country and the housekeeper gets paid more than me cuz she is a woman? i recommended my boss to sponsor her, he did. What a POS.
this world is fukd up ran by white fake democratic fuks.


I am receiving continued training benefits which is an extension of my regular claim. I should have received my 2 week payment but for what ever reason edd only paid one week. There is not waiting period and this extension started back on 12/20 I have received other payments with out a problem. When I check on line it says paid for week ending 1/27 and pending for week ending 2/2. Anyone ever had this happen? Everything looks good on the claim and I do not see an emails that explain why.

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I am told i qualify and then the opposite happens. have you ever tried calling the EDD???
In the honor of cost savings we should OFF SHORE the entire operations to India


No money!!!

January 22, 2018 · 3 comments

in Where's my Money!?

Well,I certified with an agent on Friday and still no payment made to my account …. Showed paid almost immediately Friday but no payment yet….. Geez. Did Anyone get paid today for week ending 1/12 I believe??


EDD site “claim history” shows status PAID for last two weeks, but “Payment Activity” doesn’t show a payment issue for last night. BOA shows no payment, and EDD phone lines seem to be jammed! What’s going on?



January 21, 2018 · 227 comments

in Where's my Money!?

I have been certifying benefits for weeks. My status always goes to paid but I notice this morning the status is pending. Is the system lagging because of the government shutdown? Anyone else have this issue today? I also didn’t receive the email that I have new benefits to certify for, which I always do. :/