Check didn't come?   Telecert down?   Web login failed?

Where’s my Money!?

I was receiving automatic payments since I was put on leave in August, and my doctor had put me on leave until 12/4 but has extended it to 1/4. I was last paid on 11/9, did my extension affect when I’ll be getting paid, along with Thanksgiving last week?


I was laid off from my job on November 2nd and applied for unemployment on November 3rd. I received a notice in the mail to sign up for cal jobs – which I did then the next day I got a letter which stated what I had put on my original application and on the next page was my award letter. I know there is a 1 week waiting period but that’s been long gone and I haven’t received any materials to certify for benefits, and when I log online it doesn’t have my most recent claim all I can see is my claim from 2012. When I call the number to try and certify it tells me to sign and mail in the paper form.. but I never received one??? I have tried calling over 30 times, and I’ve also emailed with no luck. Online it asks if I want to “reopen my claim” but I’m afraid to do that and mess up the claim I already have documentation that I opened and got an award letter for.

Anything I can do? Thanks!

Does Anybody Know If They Are Paying Tonite Certified This Morning???

Hi, I certified for benefits 11/19 and haven’t received anything. It is now 11/25 and nothing, my status still says pending. Anyone else having the same issue?

I started my baby bonding leave on 10/2/17. Went back to work 11/13/17 and I’m short $549 that they said would be my max benefit. Will/when will i get what they owe me?

I certified last night 11/19@ about 10PM. It is now 11/20 after 3PM and still haven’t gotten anything. I see on claim history as paid but it’s not showing on payment activity. This is my first time doing it so late. Usually I get it the same day when I do it earlier. I’m in Long Beach, CA.

I certified around 1am and still haven’t received my payout. Anyone else having these issues???? (Irvine,California)