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Where’s my Money!?

Paid u.i. benefits

November 18, 2017

in Where's my Money!?

Has anyone received letter 1277 then certified and still got paid¿?

Am I wrong? I’ve been getting paid a day late every time the past three cycles.

I get that govt workers don’t give a shit, having all those sweet holidays is really hard, and doing your job is harder. But fuck you.

Certified early this morning, like normal. Claim History shows amounts paid for the last two weeks, but Payment History does not. Usually Payment History shows paid minutes after certification.

It is now 7:23 pm and no money yet. Really hope it comes through soon, my gas is scheduled to get shut off in the morning.

How is everyone else?

Pending payment

November 1, 2017

in Where's my Money!?

I had a PJSA meeting I was scheduled for but later was told I was exempt from because my Resume was successfully in Caljobs so I did not attend. This then triggered a phone interview.. in which my benefits had already been “pending” for a week. The phone interview was a week after that.. finally when the phone interview comes up (lasted less than 5 minutes) I was told everything was fine and I should receive my next payment. I go on UI online everything still said “pending” two weeks later I certified for the next weeks and now all 4 payments are “pending” I’ve called EDD twice.. on hold forever just for someone to pick up and tell me a decision still has not been made.. I have gone a month without benefits. EDD is a scam.

Whats The Lastest On sunday Night For UI Payment????


October 28, 2017 · 1 comment

in Where's my Money!?

Has anyone else not got paid since the upgrade? My certifications says it was received but has been pending for a week. Is it like this for anyone else?

Edd Overpayment

October 24, 2017

in Where's my Money!?

Dear Eddsucks,

My husband was penalized for an over payment he recieved in 2013, edd stated they over payed him rufly $4000.00 so when he applied for benefits in may, just for the summer, they kept it all. He sent them a letter questioning the amount, they did revise the amount to $2300.00, so they actully owe him $1500.00. He recieved a statement saying he owes a balance of $2,379.00 and although it shows the kept his certification each time he certified he still has a benefit amount of $9,000.00 dollars reflecting no payments were subtracted during the summer, they told him he had to wait 15 weeks which he did, still no balance paid to him and no adjustment to his acct only a bill. What are they doing and why havent tbey applied his payments? The entire summer he recieved zero from them, talk about stressful now why would he get a bill that he owes this money are they a joke?? Why would they think he would be able to pay that out of pocket. Just dont understand! Please advise.

Amy Comforti
And yes were a little pissed off, lol