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Where’s my Money!?

This is my first regular payment. Last time I had to wait for the BofA card to come. I certified then for those two weeks on Oct. 8. The website says that the payment was Oct. 8th. So I certified at midnight and it says as status as paid but as of yet there is nothing on my BofA card. When might I except it. I seen some comments saying they would get it Sunday from 7-10. I was hoping for more feedback.

California will be implementing a new online system will it work better or what suck like everything else just about

Hi Everyone I Have A Question? I Certified For Edd Today And It Says my Last Payment Was On 09/28/17 And I Called BOA and it Says No Money Has This Ever Happend To Anyone?????

I went on annual training in the Washington Army National Guard, and now my Unemployment Insurance benefits have been stopped. There are no answers. There is no one I can talk to. When I restart the benefits, I get letters in the mail as if I’m starting all over. When I call the number for the “Investigations” office, they say my account is under investigation for my leaving the country, which I did on orders with the National Guard. Now I am back to being unemployed, but it has been Six Weeks of Pending payments. I think it is a trick of the system to not pay out, and I’m forced to borrow money. They just keep putting me off, week after week. They don’t even respond to messages, and all their answers are simple bureaucratic nonsense answers. I would go to work for UBER or at Pizza if I could, or if they will let me. It doesn’t look like I will ever get another cent from UI. If you don’t pay UI claims, then eventually claimants find a way out it without the help. Is this a success story for them? I wish I had some kind of answer for what they are actually investigating. How do I get that bullshit job?

SO i certified sometime during the wee morning of sept 3rd. i mean around 12-12:30 am. i know Monday was a holiday so i assume my claim wouldnt be processed until Tuesday and i get my money Wednesday. well Tuesday has came and went. no change to the EDD website. no money deposited into my account. before, it would deposit in my account around 10-10:20 pm the following night i certify. am i right to assume everything should be pushed a day later, or because Monday being a holiday, i have to wait an extra two days? i mean damn its always been pretty easy for me in terms of EDD but shit im not too happy right about now.


August 26, 2017 · 3 comments

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Certified 5 weeks already and haven’t received a debit card. Is this normal? What number do I call??? Also if I chose to have taxes withheld.I do get that back when I file my income taxes, right?


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So far here’s my experience with CA EDD. I recently applied for unemployment on 7/10/17. After the one week waiting period I began receiving my money the first week on 7/31. I certified online, and the first full 2 week check came in the following week as they were late with mailing the paperwork. I posted it on Sunday, and by Sunday night the money was in my B of A account. However 2 weeks later when I certified for my continued claim, I noticed EDD had my money pending. I thought it was because I needed to attend the REA appointment which happened to fall on the same week. However, after the appointment I noticed the money was still pending. I finally called Thursday morning the 800-300-5616 number and I was able to get someone in 5 minutes and lo and behold the customer service rep told me that a mail they sent to my previous employer came back as undeliverable which is why they held my payment. What?!!! I was pissed, because they did not send me a letter or email telling me about this. Anyway I gave them the address of my employer, they had something way different from a company with a similar name, and the lady said my money will be paid out in 24-48 hours. Wow! Luckily I called or I would’ve still been waiting for my money. With bills to pay and school supplies to purchase I was getting worried. So if you see your money saying pending after a day or two do not hesitate to call, these suckers will hold your money for any little thing. Call Thursday or Friday mornings around 8a.m. to get a hold of someone.