Check didn't come?   Telecert down?   Web login failed?

Where’s my Money!?

Filed claim Dec 16, had been on work share at the time, had phone interview about cause Jan 4. No contest. Ex employer got message Jan 11, going to pay. Online system broken, history stops 7/26, phones hang up on me. No human interaction is allowed. 5+ weeks, no mail, nothing. I have to drive to Sac. (3.5 hrs each way)next week I guess.
A waste of taxes, if ever.

Certified via UI on line on 1/8/2017, and it still says PENDING under my profile! It is never taking this long!

Has anyone experience this issue?



1/5/17 system down and my check is a day late. I can’t’ get through on the phone. Just because it wash a holiday the system should be set up to pay out rent is due!

Just checked account after the 1000th time waiting since I certified online at 5am on the 1st. Just got it at 8pm. Check your accounts!

hopefully if anyone gets payed tonight post cuz damn this is just messed up ,

I webcerted on Jan understand that EDD was closed as well as BofA on Jan 2nd.. Now its Jan 3rd and I still have answers. I sent an email to edd asking where my money and they received the email on Jan 2… Anyone experience issues after the first of the year?

I certify for benefits in CA. Early like literally as soon as it hits 12am on Sunday. My payment usually hits that evening if not by early Monday morning. Now because of the holiday I’m a bit worried. My status says paid on web cert but I keep checking BofA and no money. I heard the prompt of BofA saying funds should be there late Tuesday early Wednesday. Is it because of the New year that the office and bank are causing delays? Did anyone else have this issue or could it be there’s a hold on my claim? Anyone going through this please feel free to comment.