Check didn't come?   Telecert down?   Web login failed?

Where’s my Money!?

I’ve been receiving autopay on my SDI through EDD and I did not receive it this past Friday, is anyone else’s late? I thought it was cause of the holiday but I’ve been on it for months and never had it delayed. Thank you

So I got paid for my claim starting 1/11/17-2/13/2017 roughly around 1,200 it’s now 3/3/2017 and I haven’t gotten another payment when do they come or what do I have to do

Week 1 Certification Status
Duplicate for week ending 01/21/2017

Week 2 Certification Status
Duplicate for week ending 01/28/2017

what does this mean and how come i have only received my first payment and not the rest of them.

and why does it keep saying to reopen my claim when i had opened a new claim in February and they want me to open another one for the new benefit year? whats that mean.
this in advance

I got my first form to cert for two weeks which I did today around 10am. I got paid for only one week. Anyone know why?

I certed for two weeks pay this morning (first cert on my UI claim) but only got partial payment tonight. Any one know why?

I usually file on Sunday at midnight and my money comes at 7 at night. This sunday I didn’t file until 3 a.m. does anybody know when my money will come.

It’s been over 2.5 weeks with no money received nor communication explaining why from EDD. Then, today on Monday, I received a letter informing me a phone interview was scheduled last Friday! If we don’t find the sense of humor in this insanity, we’ll all go nuts.