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Where’s my Money!?

EDD overpayment

February 11, 2017 · 1 comment

in Where's my Money!?

I received a notice that the money I received before my benefits were temporarily suspended pending a review/appeal decision was an overpayment and needed to be paid back. I paid them back and then I won my case, but I have yet to see that money that I wrongly paid back. Will I automatically get it back or do I have to call EDD and ask for it back?

this is annoying

February 8, 2017

in Where's my Money!?

yes it is.

Let’s Google it.

post when paid

I mail my card from the post office on Sunday evenings. The money typically posts direct deposit either on Tuesday or Wednesday evening. Nothing has posted yet and its now Friday night. And nothing was sent to me in the mail to tell me why. With all the technical glitches going on, I’m wondering if anyone is getting paid at all? Has anyone been paid?

I have autopay notice sent on 01/14/2017 it is now 02/01/17 – Is it late or am i being impatient, it would seem that the latest deposit would be sunday or monday. not Tuesday and no payment?

OK… So I certified on Saturday at midnight. Its now 10pm Monday night and still no benefits… Anyone else having this issue!?! Please help…I’m having massive anxiety.

For the entire month of January their website has been non-functional and broken. I tried using the paper form and mailing it in. But the money never got transferred. What is the point of this agency?