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December 14, 2017 · 2 comments

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First, to be candid, I received unemployment about ten years ago after being laid off and I don’t recall the process being this difficult back then so either I just have way less patience of they have made it a lot harder.

Anyway, what I need help with is the certification process because it really is a bit confusing.

The long, and short of it, is that I “lost” my job on 11/1 and I applied for UI the next day. I had my UI interview on 11/20 and received approval on 11/28, I probably received the notification around 12/5.

After getting my on-line account set-up I noticed that I can’t certify on-line and I don’t have a paper copy of the form so I have a couple of questions.

First, is it normal not to be able to certify on-line initially or is this something I should be able to do?

Secondly, evidently the job search requirement is applying for three jobs per week, which I haven’t really done just because there are not that many jobs I qualify for in my field, and to be honest, after getting let go after being with my employer for twenty years it took me a bit to get in the state of mind to start applying for jobs. So can I just start with this week or the first week I started applying or do I have to go back to the first week for which they approved me?


  • annonymous

    1st: it’s not normal that you can’t certify. Call them tomorrow.
    2nd: you can list just ONE job per week and they will be ok with that. (Just apply to jobs even if you don’t qualify- I do this all the time and once, I actually got hired anyway bc NOONE else applied- talk about luck.)
    3rd: by my calculations, you should have paid twice by now. Do you have your bank of america debit card yet?

  • Jane Davis

    From my experience in the past (over 5 years ago) you will not be asked for job searches right away. If you are not able to list just searches online and you are still able to certify online then listing job searches is not a requirement at this point to get paid. Just keep a note pad with a record of your job searches. I believe that job searches may be requested from you 3 months or further down the road.

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