Certified online, states paid but no money

April 10, 2017 · 4 comments

in Where's my Money!?

I certified online on Sunday night. Usually Monday or Tuesday money is transferred.

It says on the UI online that the weeks I certified for “Paid”. Yet, when I looked at my EDD card online and called for last payment, it hasn[t been paid yet.

So, no money. Anyone else? Are they having trouble over there?

  • Zoogerdee

    Yep, same here! I called yesterday and they said “it’s processing – please wait 24-48 hours” but it shows my certification is still pending.

    • justin bierend

      ive been waiting over three days after online certification still pending how do i pay my rent? I just got a three day notice because i cant give them a direct date of when i can give them money why is it still pending????and cant be going through this kind of stress.. what is going on???

      • EDD Can’t Help Everyone

        Certify ASAP after the second Saturday on Sunday Morning

  • EDD Can’t Help Everyone

    Takes 3 business days usually

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