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June 11, 2017 · 1 comment

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I logged on because I have two weeks to certify for. I am a teacher and my last day of school was on 6/2. The first week to certify for is 5/28-6/3. How do I fill out the forms since I was still working from the 28th to the 2nd. Thank you!

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    On the page where you answer the certification questions (Question 6) is one regarding if you worked – whether you were paid or not. When you select “Yes” a subsequent page (Work Details) will open and you can fill in the required information (how many hours you worked, name of institution and address, gross earnings (estimate your weekly wage), wage type (regular earnings), employment status (full-time/part-time etc.) and if you are still going to wok for the employer. If you have additional employers, select the appropriate box and proceed. On the clarification page, select the type of wages you received (regular etc.) and select “yes” to the second question if you received any other type of income such as a pension. You may skip the Work Search Record page but it might be advisable to keep record of your search history. Since you worked the first week you are certifying and EDD uses one week as your waiting period, you may not receive payment for the first certification submission but will do so afterwards. Good luck!

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