• Anonymous

    Thank you for this most informative post. It explains what happens at a BYE, and had I known, would not have called the EDD since I have not earned any wages for the last year.

  • Anon

    Thank you. I’ve been waiting for my check, trying to figure out these weird notices & not panic for a few weeks now. You should get a promotion.

  • Anon

    I’m stuck in this rathole for the last 2 months.  I didn’t have any employment, the EDD confirmed it.  They said we will straighten it out and pay on the extensions.  Then next we have to verify with employer.  Then you have to file new claim – again!!! Then send proof of wages.  Didn’t have any, sent again.
    And I hate hearing about Obama’s crap for 2 minutes every time I try to call.  I’m now 1 connect for 137 tries.

    • Sandra

      you may want to try this… after the obama message quickly press 5110. This use to be the method at one stop but it may or may not work. More importantly set a cut off time sitting at a phone at home. Perhaps two hours at the most. Head on over to your closest edd affiliate or one stop. Take all your files and explain whats going on. Ask for help. If you are not successful…. Contact the labor Dept you will get through. The labor dept also has a website as well so check it out if you need their help. Give name, SS number, and a brief account of your situation. The labor dept does get it done and you will get a response as long as you have that phone close by. In the mean time. pay no attention to the bitching about emailing. it does work but every one seems to avoid the large print after you click send when it states please allow 10 business days for a response. So also go to ask EDD and pick the topic of concern and send an email. In your case I’d select the category, comments, complaints, or suggestions. Don’t send a bitchy email. EVERYTHING say and email is placed in your file. Be professional and adult. Request a phone response. Give the number, the date, and best time range to call that day. Since you are unemployed give a string of dates and the same time of day for those dates they can call knowing you will be available. for example… Please respond as soon as possible. I am available to receive calls at ( insert number ) from this date fwd between the hours 1pm-4pm. If by chance I do not pick up the phone please leave a message. Be smart enough to count 10 business days from the date you are sending the email. Copy that email. Click send. Copy down the confirmation number. Don’t do just one thing. Do them all.

  • yessiwhy

    hello. this is happening to me right now!
    When i first started edd claim back in 2011 i worked for 9 weeks 
    AND collected UI. The week I was going to stop collecting UI and was all caught up with bills after not working or getting UI for 2 months, I get laid off again!
    I was on UI for a year with no problems until they ran my social and found wages while on UI.
    I then had phone interview and told them i was overpayed.
    Got letter in the mail a few days later saying i was disqualified for three years.  that same week i got paid and that same week i got claim form on my extension claim. AND i got a new packet stating they were starting me on a fresh and regular UI claim (not extension) BUT since i made more on the extension i was going to be paid the higher amount.
    I just submitted my claim form on Sunday 7/1, but still have not gotten money. 
    Could be because of the holiday, could be because they are doing an offset and taking the repayment from my UI monies that they owe me.
    I also got a form titled “additional instructions” on 6/8 saying to file a new claim. i was scared to do so becuase i hadnt gotten my disqualification letter after the phone interview so i didnt want to shake the ground i was walking on.
    also, the new PACKET had the correct dates and reasons i got laid off in my last job which showed up in the base period.

    Do i still have to file a new claim if they already have the right info!? so confused.

    I dont blame edd, they are always nice and helpful when i finally get through. 

    trick—dial, i got through spanish, so i push 2–6–7– and “confirm” if my address is correct then i ask the question i needed 🙂  less people go through that pipeline. 

  • NoExcuses

    It always amazes me how people defend broken systems, on the basis that they are broken and therefor must be operated in a broken/halfass/indirect/confusing manner. This is a systems analysis problem IE: not the claimants problem. If the system is broken, it should be corrected, period. This is not the opinion of a claimant, this is a fact issued by a stakeholder. We may be lowly citizens but we wield the power to FORCE CHANGE. If you dont believe me, head down to your local weed store and ask them 🙂

    • EDDsuxMuhBallz

       I’ll just throw in a ‘MY TAXES PAY YOUR SALARY’

      for good measure.

      • Sandra

        You get more than your personal taxes cover. Unless you yourself personally are writing out the entire pay check. You’ve offered about one penny of that pay check. That’s less than the cost to send you mail to your residence to explain you never signed a form or didn’t provide all your wages or you need to take copies to your former employee or to remind you each step was clarified on line and in the handbook also sent to you at a cost above what your personal tax dollar paid for the service. You personally end up getting charity.

        • Sandra

          and if you think EDD sucks then there is a way to never have to deal with them. Carry yourself.

          • Zu

            I have better suggestion to our government, is to shut down the EED department, since it is useless and it employees have low morals similar to yours.

    • Sandra

      Is the system broke or is it easier to displace the problem on the very system that pays out to those who qualify and follow the guidelines correctly? It is amazing how you could pull a claimants file and show them with puppets they have made an error and even looking at the error they still don’t get what the issue is. You could site laws that bind EDD to the approval process and yet the claimant still just doesn’t get it. You could send daily emails, and letters to their residence explaining in detail what the issue is and what they need to do and how the process will be extended in response and yet they still don’t get it. You can provide an office with multiple workers affiliated with the EDD in the local town ready, willing, and able to help them as well and for some reason they sit at home calling one number over and over that won’t give them a human to talk to who will have to literally try and dumb down the explainations so they understand whats going on. And yet all along the only resolve the confused, disgruntled claimant really wants is a check. They don’t even pay attention to the next process of how to file correctly. They don’t even pay attention to the stub they are suppose to keep for their own records which states please allow 10 days for payment. The system even tries to work a compromise in getting them fed their check quicker but if the system doesn’t always pay off quick the system is at fault. It just doesn’t add up. The system isn’t broken. The system is over sourced and dealing with some of the nations stupidest, selfish, uneducated people on this planet who are bi products of the me generation raised to believe every thing is theirs for the taking so hand it over. Patience, respect, and coming to the table as part of a team player in all of this is lost while the system tries to pacify all that crap. The system works when applied properly.

  • Dianagerk

    Fantastic job explaining the situation.

  • jbel

    Yah, there’s nothing new here, but do they back date the new claim to the last check of the extension or when you filed the new claim? This is the crossroads I’m at now.
    I had exhausted my Tier 2 at the time of a new base period, they saw new wages, but the wages for a new combined wage were from one back pay check for reimbursed meals from 2010, the California portion. They based a new California claim on this and some Arizona wages. They told me if the new claim paid over $100 they would go with the new claim, < than that, they would put me on Tier 3.
    My BofA account today says I received $112. No back pay as of yet. May 20th was my last extension check. I applied for a new claim July 2nd. I received no notice inbetween those dates.

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this. You explained a complicated situation very well and answered a lot of my questions.

  • Tom

    My year-old claim ran out, and my new claim was rejected for two
    reasons. Number one is that they believe I am self-employed and have no
    time to accept full-time work. Number two is that I have no wages
    during the “lag period.”

    Both of these reasons are false, and I believe if I appealed them, I
    would win because I have all kinds of documented proof and can point to
    EDD policy, etc.

    But Should I?

    I understand now, that I will still be paid on the old claim’s
    extension, but something is striking me as “kind of funny” here. Did
    the EDD make up bogus reasons to deny the new claim so they could keep
    me on Fed extension? If so, is that a bad thing? Should I try to get a new claim instead of the extension?

  • If_I_only_had_a_brain!

    Thank you and thank you again for the very helpful explanation. It’s entirely appropriate and useful. I all too well understand the frustration of trying to help someone with a simple answer who can’t be helped because they angrily react without doing a reasonable amount of thinking and then can’t seem to shut up and listen because they’re too busy complaining. The world will always have stupid people, but fewer and far between are those who freely give of their own time to help others. Did I say Thank you?

  • Molly

    Thank you so much for this info. You explained exactly what just happened to me and saved me a lot of time and anguish!

  • SMH

    Just an FYI this was copy and pasted straight from the Insiders Guide tab at the top of this site. It has been there since I’ve been coming to this site. It was probably posted by ABC trying to look like a hero.

  • Sandra

    Although this is cut and dry and clearly explains how the process works the average person who fly’s in here to bitch and moan is looking for no explanation as to why they are cut off or delayed. They simply expect every one to bitch and moan about the process and a quick fix how to get the money. These are the ones who give some of the lamest excuses for not showing up to appointments and not being clever enough how to work around a challenging lack of human contact with the EDD. They are the ones who always include a sap story of starving children and over due bills. You could tell them to give that song and dance a rest. The kids would be covered through SNAP, Calfresh, and actually monetary funds. U.I. benefits were never created as a life time source of income to budget bills around but rather a gap filler to get from point A to point B. The sap stories about putting in thousands of applications on line and never getting hired is also a load of shit. You honestly wonder just how quickly someone who has been using this system for over year would take any job if they were flat out told they are cut off. With these last cut off dates impending you would have thought those who were getting cut off had created some resource to cover this months bills but 5 days after the 1st those who knew they were going to be cut off emerge asking wheres that extended money they have bills to pay. Realistically they all knew they would get further extensions and did nothing no matter what they say to cover for the month they were about to get cut off.

    I have to be honest about this forum. I really thought this would be a place to help people out who were having issues that may be hard to find answers. Such as not getting a payment on time through no fault of their own. Or letting them know there are additional ways to get a timely response from EDD. Instead the title of the board suggests this is a huge bitch session of drooling freeloaders that simply want money right now. I also have to be honest not one single EDD worker I’ve ever deal with has ever had an attitude with me or cut me off when I contact them. I suppose it may be because I am prepared to explain clearly my issue or situation. I also have followed all the instructions so I’m not calling to explain my own stupid error that could have been avoided. In no way would I call a stranger who has never met me and be rude to them and expect them to want to help me even if I were frustrated. I can’ honestly say the EDD has never been the monsters they are depicted as being in this forum. There can be errors through no fault of anyone and they will be fixed but you’ve got to come to the table and be proactive. One of those continued things is ontinuing to try to get off this system which seems to be very rarely mentioned around here. They complain about the amount they get but want it desperately each week.

    I’m here to help if you have a legit problem. I’m not going to help by coddling you or pacify your brain fart to displace all your problems on someone else or the system. Focus on a resolve and how to get there but there is so much information available on line and sent to you that there shouldn’t be as much confusion. We all need to thank God there is even a thing called unemployment insurance. If we were even allowed to collect 100 dollars on it we are fortunate. You’d be shocked to find out that CA is the most supportive EDD in the nation when it comes to siding with the former worker over a former employee. CA is also the most supportive in transitioning you from your regular U.I. to extensions. California is the only state that covers every unemployment issue on line in great detail.

  • pamela

    here is my situation, my former employer wholefoods, venice ca, sent edd information that my last day of employement was january 2012, and that i was reieving workers comphensation. The truth is my last day of employent with wholefoods was september 2011. Due to the wrong information sent in to edd by wholefoods, I have not recieved any benifits since December 26, 2012. Do to an error I have been without any money for a month. I may loose my storage and be evicted because of this error. I noticed that i did not recieve a check back on January 10, 2013. So I have been trying to call edd to see why. I have called two weeks straight but no one is avaliable. I finally receieved a letter from them telling me of an interview scheduled on jJanuary 17, 2012. I was asked by the edd rep if I was on workers comp and if my last day of employment was on January 12, 2012. I said no and found out that wholefoods must have mixed up my name or social security number with someone else. So now I wait until they investigate as my place to live and y belongings are jepordized!

  • Donde Fart Finklestein?

    I just received the infamous letter that states: “YOU HAVE RECEIVED ALL THE BENEFITS PAYABLE ON YOUR CLAIM. SINCE YOU MAY QUALIFY FOR A NEW CLAIM CALL YOUR UNEMPLOYMENT OFFICE IMMEDIATELY…etc…”. I almost panicked and reapplied online; however I called Telecert just now and it stated that I am calling too early and that I should call back on Sunday, February 3rd. Am I correct in assuming that everything is still Kosher and I am on track to continue receiving benefits? I did not work since my original claim was filed on January, 2012 so based on everything I’ve read the EDD will file this new claim for me right? Where is Fart Finklestein when you need him!?!?

  • anon

    Just to confirm, if I earned wages in the year of my first claim, then I have to file the new claim once the first one expires. However, if I didn’t earn any wages during the first claim, the EDD will go ahead and file it on my behalf? I’d appreciate clarification. I tried posting on the main board but there is a glitch preventing me from typing more than a few characters.

  • so there

    This is a big crock of shit you just wrote, and certainly does not apply to everyone.

    I just spoke to an EDD rep who actually called ME in response to an email I’d sent weeks ago. The rep said I’d be getting another 26 weeks because I worked one quarter (actually 2) in 2012 which will be that upon which my Abp is based and a new claim filed on my behalf by EDD. I’m currently on Tier 2 and my claim expires in June prior to the exhaustion of this tier. So whoever wrote that pathetic heap of an explanation, read your manual.

  • David G.

    Thank you 1,000,000 for this posting. I was so frustrated and confused by this — it just didn’t make any sense at all to me why they would be punishing me for not having worked specifically as an employee and throwing out my consulting gigs. Absolute insanity. You can never get the EDD on the phone, and when their reps call you, English seems like their second language.

    Good karma to you for creating this website! 🙂

  • a NON amouse

    Thank you for a clear explanation of “the rules”. You presented it in a concise way, and adding about the check in the “this will not affect…” box. As soon as I read it, I said “Ahhh – federal employee-speak well & at work”. You can’t control ’em, I can’t control ’em, and they can’t control themselves. So, we simply do what we can and have to do. I suggest that EDD employees and the unemployed join forces & put together a process that is transparent, understandable and simple.

    • Samsam

      What if your box wasn’t checked

  • dulce green

    So this means no action will be done by the claimants on extended benefits when we receive the Notice of Determination, Invalid claim, section 1277? the claimant will continue to be automatically filed his/her next tier 2, 3 or 4? And no need sending of the appeal form? this is just for clarification of the statement written.
    thank you so much.

  • Tracysw

    Thank you!!!

    • Tracysw

      Again, thanks to whomever wrote/reposted this information. It is super helpful! In short;

      I have exhausted one year of UI benefits and received a NOTICE OF DETERMINATION LETTER, this means EDD has already filed a new UI claim, found it “invalid” and the determination does not affect my claim for extended benefits. I will automatically be paid via extended benefits and don’t need to do anything further.

  • Moreno Alex

    I received a blank letter from Edd the top portion only said, which say wages deducted federal taxes for the last 4 weeks but I didn’t received no benefits for those weeks. There taxing me without me getting paid for it.

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