• Cali

    I have not yet received my claim form as well, also worried!! I called edd and telecerted, said it was too early to do so.

    • Jay

      I don’t think we should be worried as the edd said we should have them by 1-12

    • stressed

      Yea I haven’t got mine either, spoke with 2 representatives at EDD, they both said my claim and letter of approval for extension was sent on the 4th of January. Talking about being stressed, it’s already the 10th. I’m super stressed out.

  • lj

    I got thur today! Shocking. I was told we should have the forms by the 12th. Hope this helps 🙂

  • Reality Check

    Don’t worry too much.
    My situation was beginning a new tier on the week ending Dec. 29th and figured I’d sit tight and be patient while the EDD caught up with the “fiscal cliff” nonsense and the extension of unemployment into 2013. I received my paper claim form for a normal two weeks on Saturday, Jan. 5th, 2013. Mailed it off on Monday the 7th, received the notice of transfer of funds request on Wednesday the 9th, and the funds are in my checking account today, Thursday the 10th.

  • nick

    I have a claim form. For the first two weeks of January. I’m on Tier 2.

  • Cali

    You are right, all we can do is sit tight and wait.. Stressing out will not do any good!! Thanks

  • passerby

    Yes I received mine today.

  • DLV

    Hi. I’m on Tier 1 and was cut off 12/29/12. Today I received a new claim for two weeks ending 01/12/13. For what its worth, the letter was postmarked 01/08/13. In the event you don’t receive a claim form by Saturday, just WebCert. Now if only my damn Amazon order would arrive.

  • 49er

    Received mines today don’t worry guys u will get it promise

  • GBO

    i got mine yesterday. mail is just a bit back logged

  • Fart Finkelstein
  • Anon

    I received mine yesterday but, as 12/29 ended one of my tiers & it’s balance, my new claim form is a bit different and doesn’t include a claim balance.

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