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February 27, 2017 · 2 comments

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So I went out on disability and submitted a claim over a month ago. I had my Dr fill out and then we submitted the proper paperwork. Now when I go to the EDD website my account doesn’t show any claims and if I try to talk with someone all I ever get is we have to many people in the waiting list try back later. What the hell is going on with the EDD and this crappy site. It takes about 5 minutes to get to the point to try and actually talk with someone then they disconnect you! Getting pissed off and needing to get paid for the weeks of work I was out. They need to revamp not only the website but the whole system which just sucks.

  • David

    Same here. Opened claim last week of Jan. Received letter stating I opened claim online blah blah. Status online was pending Doctor’s portion. Doctor submitted paperwork the next day. Waited 10 days then checked, online status was still “Pending”. 2 days later checked again, my claim was gone!…like I had never filled out or submitted anything. I don’t know what the heck is going on, I felt like I was being trolled.
    So i’m reopening another claim this month hopefully they don’t just delete it like they did the last one.

  • David Muhs

    Helped my wife fill out DI claim online two days ago. Was waiting on doctor to review. Wife calls me at work yesterday and says doctor’s office could not find her in system. We had given doctor’s office form receipt number same day we filled it out. I got home from work yesterday and logged into her account and it was showing. Was too late to do anything, so was going to contact wife’s doctor today, from work, and see if I could get things straightened out. Logged into her account and now the claim has vanished! What garbage! Something similar happened to me several years ago when filing for unemployment online. CA sucks in SO many ways!!!!

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