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November 27, 2017 · 7 comments

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I applied for UI using eAppy4UI on 11/17/17. The application acknowledgment states that if I don’t receive UI claim materials by 11/27/17 (today) to contact EDD and provide confirmation number. Well, I didn’t receive anything today from EDD. I remember from collecting UI in 2012 that trying to reach EDD was a nightmare.

The company I last worked for (in June) closed the business–that is why I’m unemployed. I have been looking for a job since then with no luck so far. When I collected UI in 2012, the process was so stressful that I decided not to apply when I was laid off in June, but now I’m running out of options and have no choice but to apply.

Could there be a delay because of the holiday? Could the delay be because my ex-employer did not respond?

Any advice on navigating this process is appreciated, especially tips on contacting EDD.

  • annonymous

    They take longer than 10 days. Just relax. Also, calling them is easier than during the recession. Call them if you are worried.

    • anon

      Thanks for the reply. If I haven’t received anything by Thursday, I will call EDD first thing Friday a.m.

      • annonymous

        There is a one week waiting period anyways- so it’s not a big deal. What I would worry about is getting your atm card from boa. Bc you can’t get the pyt without it.

  • Paris Yarbrough

    I filed the same day you did and didn’t receive anything on the 27th either, they were closed thanksgiving and the Friday after, so I’m just trying to wait it out and hopefully something comes soon.

    • anon

      I decided to call EDD this morning. The wait wasn’t too long. (I called at 9:30 am.) The rep was nice and professional. She said EDD mailed my initial claim form on 11/21, and since I should have received it by now, she is mailing me a duplicate. She told me the other documents, i.e. award letter, etc. were mailed yesterday 11/28. So I expect to get those by the end of the week.

      She also suggested that I call B of A and request a new debit card. The old card from my 2012 claim expired in 2015. I did talk to a rep there, who was also nice and professional. He told me I will receive my new card by 12/13.

      Anyway, if I understand it correctly, the only item that I’m missing that is needed to file a claim online is the EDD account number. If I don’t receive my materials by the end of this week, I will call EDD again on Monday and ask for my account number.

      If you are worried, like “annonymous” suggested, you should call EDD. Good luck!

      • Paris Yarbrough

        What number did you call?

        • anon

          I called the regular EDD number 800-300-5616. The B of A number is 866-692-9374. Good luck!

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