Collect UI, or seasonal 1 month job??

September 11, 2017 · 1 comment

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Hi everyone, so i recently applied to receive UI benefits and i was approved, i will be getting around 250 a week but i recently got called in for an interview with Spirit halloween, it went well and offered me a position, now that i have that job offer, i dont know wheather to collect the UI benefits or accept the job offer at spirit. i am on here asking because i will only b employed for the holloween season which is one month. if i do accept this job, does anyone know what will happen to my UI benefits? i dont think i will b making as much money if i were to be hired because hours are scarce and it will b part time. My other question is if i do accept the job, after its over, would i b able to re apply for UI benefits NOT through spirit, but through the job i had before?? i really hope i worded this correctly to have ANYONE understand where im coming from or have been in this situation before. PLEASE HELP


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