• Roger

    Are you an EDD employee? You are a shame to your fellow citizens and country. A monkey could do your job better than you!!!

  • Knowledge-is-power

    For complaints: you can submit them online via “ask EDD” or call and ask to speak to a supervisor. Good luck!

    • UNBELIEVABLEinRamona

      ask EDD is such a joke… No response. The complaint form goes via snail mail??? really???

      • jj

        It doesn’t work, I have sent like 20+ emails and I have never had a response.

  • Peter Brand

    A monkey has better things t do than answer your call.

    • Randy

      And a monkey named Brand had nothing better to do than answer my post…

      • Peter Brand

        That monkey still though, knows how to fill out a claim form and get his money. Maybe you should take notes

        • Randy

          Brand the monkey is an EDD employee posing as an EDD recipient. You are outted, get back to making our lives a living hell like every other EDD employee. You give monkeys a bad name…

          • Peter Brand

            Actually, my life is great. I read the manual, understand what I need to do and how to fill out the forms and I get my benefits on time. I help others by teaching them how to follow the rules and not have their benefits delayed rather than go on a website and cry how much EDD sucks. Monkey see, monkey do. Stop being a jackass.

          • Randy

            Nobody cares about your life. 99% of people here have valid complaints about the EDD, including those who read the manual and follow the rules. You come off as an EDD shill and apologist. It is fine, just don’t pretend you don’t work for them…

          • Peter Brand

            And no one cares for your ignorant comments. I’m trying to help and everything that comes out of your mouth is bull shit.

  • Beanpineapple

    That’s implying we can get our money from EDD to start with. Which 50% of the time – you can’t.

  • http://twitter.com/pluginhoney nick m.

    I’m astounded by the astronomical immaturity, vitriol, and thin-skinned viciousness seeping out of some posters on this website that either claim to be (or have been) EDD employees or others such as Peter Brand who claim credit for helping people in the same breath they use name calling on a website that was uncalled for. Grow up.

    Nobody, even EDD employees, shouldn’t be blanketed together as rude, lazy people out to screw you out of your benefits because I’ve found every representative I’ve encountered to be helpful, fair, and simply doing their job. At the same time, rude and incompetent people exist working for EDD like anywhere else, but it blows me away how some of them go out of their way to come to this website to use any excuse to insult and put down anyone having problems or those who make mistakes. To the rude EDD employees: the exception isn’t the rule. The vast majority of unemployed people are honest, report the income they do manage to make, and are struggling to make ends meet in a terrible economic climate. Abusers exist in every government program and bureaucracy regardless of anything but they don’t illustrate the entire picture just because they’re the ones who get the attention.

    Not everyone is automatically versed in the mechanics and ins-and-outs of how every EDD-related process works, but don’t allow these thin-skinned idiots on here to represent all state employees. You have to figure most EDD employees who come here just to put unemployed people down are only going to be the rudely arrogant ones with nothing better to do. The EDD infrastructure, system, and relationship with Bank of America does warrant its legitimate complaints but the vast majority of state employees simply do the job they’re hired to do following the processes they’re directed to follow. Call rude idiots what they are but don’t allow those people to misdirect your anger at others unless you have a good reason. EDD is the embodiment of everything wrong with government bureaucracy but remember California is broke, the unemployment rate is stubborn and static against a House majority that gets nothing done for the working class or middle-class, and this is what bureaucracies look like.

    • Harry

      @nick m. Thank you for your thoughtful, fair and balanced analysis. I was laid off twice in the last 5 years after working nonstop for 12 years. Most people who are unemployed want to work and are willing to work. The fact is that the economy is still collapsed. It has been surprising to see the vitriol directed at the victims of the 1%. This site provides a great service and the trolls who come in here to kick eople when the are down are out if line. Thanks again for your excellent post.

      • Danielvalentyne25

        Yeah mine was the same im a disabled veteran now but when I filled my claims threw edd they called me a liar and told me they wearnt going to give me a cent I had to get a letter from the doctor to prove it and still havent often anything this place needs to get there stuff togather

  • Gabi

    Are there any organized efforts to address the inadequacies
    of EDD? Are there any attorneys who are
    conducting a class action lawsuit? What
    recourse do Californians have when the appeals process protects the incompetent
    and self-serving actions of EDD? Why is
    California’s system to address the multiple types of reported income so
    inadequate, misleading and confusing?

  • Frustrated Customer

    Today, I visited the EDD disability office in Chino Hills, not only was the security guard disrespectful to me and my husband, but his supervisor nor any of the other employees could control the situation and this woman supervisor has the nerve to tell me that she can deny me service!

  • dturner9950

    Let me give you some insight as to how I got an immediate response to EDD bypassing the crap they put you through. I made a mistake on my claim form by answering “NO” that I had looked for a job instead of “YES”. I immediately sent an email via the Web-Cert admitting my mistake per their protocol. I didn’t receive my benefits and a couple days later got a letter in the mail saying I have to have a phone call in two weeks with a rep. to recertify my claim and to answer why I didn’t look for a job. I then sent an email to the Director (PAM.HARRIS@EDD.CA.GOV) and Asst. Director (ester.martignetti@edd.ca.gov) explaining what I did along with the reference #’s of the emails. Within twenty four hours I was paid and never got the call on the date and time specified as stated in the letter. IT WORKS.

  • pissedoff moma

    For those that do work part time who are about to lose there jobs cause we can’t get to work thank you edd you suck royally….

  • jj

    I have called over a 140 times without being connected one time, I have sent over 20 emails without being replied to 1 time. It has been 2 months and 4 days since I applied for UI.

    First, THEY made a mistake on my employer address and came up with some Oakland CA address I have never even seen. I sent them a years worth of W2’s showing that I have in fact worked. That issue was resolved.

    Next, They schedule me an interview to ask about my online school and I waited 2 1/2 weeks for that interview. The guy I spoke with on the phone was from India and I could barely understand him. Did they start outsourcing the call center to India? He told me I would have a response within 5-10 days. That was 20 days ago.

    The funny thing is I have had a job offer but since I haven’t been paid in over 2 months, I couldn’t afford to accept the job because of the commute times and cost (public transportation is not an option where I live). I would be off UI. Instead they will end up paying me a check of close to 3300 in back pay. Stupid waste of UI money that could have been avoided if they were in any way efficient.

    There is no excuse for any claim to take over two months, there is no excuse to not be able to speak with them over the phone, there is no excuse that they cannot reply to emails. The system is broken and needs to be fixed.

  • Mad Mary

    Well if there are EDD employees here, they won’t find it too funny when our benefits get cut of at the end of December and in turn quite a few of them will be laid off. See how funny they think that is. Also I don’t see their jobs being much in demand; so good luck to them finding jobs.

  • Doug

    I’m wondering if it’s a question of race. EDD workers seem to be primarily women of color. I’ve had some communication with EDD and they seem very concerned about this idea. I’m one of the millions of white people who’s families had nothing to do with slavery or apartheid and I’m tired of getting “payback.”

  • dickeee

    Never got through after calling about 100 times. 50 e-mails not returned. E.D.D. is a joke. Also the debit card is a joke. As of 7-31-14 bank of America refuses to let me withdraw money from my debit card inside the bank. I used to withdraw the whole amount every 2 weeks. Now I am told I must use the atm outside the bank and i can only withdraw $200 every day. My 2 week amount is $490, so $200 withdraw on thurs, $200 on fri , and $80 on sat. The atm does not give out $10 bills so I must leave $10 in my account. My rent is $490 , so I must pay it late. I have contacted an attorney and I am filing a lawsuit.

  • Lara

    I just called and the lady was rude ass fuck like bitch I’m not unemployed by choice laidoff this people hate there job they need to go elsewhere if you don’t want to help people out

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