• Jayne

    I’m commenting on my own post because I have updated info and if someone else is in my position this may be helpful/reassuring. Also if anyone knows something different from what EDD told me today please post!

    The number I called is 408-436-5603. I got through within about 5 minutes and the operator transferred me – except she accidentally sent me to the wrong office, which worked in my favor because now it became their error and they found someone to help me!

    It turns out that EDD qualified me for the alternate base period. I haven’t seen anything about that on this site so I’ll explain it as best I understand it. If you don’t make enough (at least $1300) to qualify in your standard base period, they will look at your most recent earnings quarter and make an award on that basis.

    So what happened in my case is the original letter that I referenced above was connected with my standard base period, where I didn’t earn at least $1300. Hence the 0 award. Automatically, EDD evaluated me on the ABP (alternate base period). I do qualify for an award on that, and they are sending me a letter to that effect. However, it is substantially less than the amount I previously had been on tier 2 for, so the agent said there will be a third step where I am moved back to the previous claim to complete my remaining extensions. She said EDD automatically does this for me and I don’t have to appeal anything. Fingers crossed that she has current info!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: When the agent told me my award, I said, “Don’t I qualify to go back on my extensions under the recent federal law?” And the agent psuedo-innocently said, “Which federal law?” I then explained that since my new award is substantially less than my previous one, and since I had remaining extensions on the previous one, I should go back to the previous extensions. She then agreed with me, almost like I had passed some kind of quiz. I don’t get this, because the federal government pays everything on the extensions – one would think California would be happy for me to continue on the extensions since the state isn’t paying for it – but I have read elsewhere that it seems as though you almost don’t get the benefit of that law unless you know to ask for it. It sure seemed that way in this conversation…

    If I’m still not working when those extensions on my previous claim are exhausted, then I revert to this new claim.

    I probably still have several weeks to wait this out before money arrives, but the agent told me today that anything I’m awarded will date back to August 12 when I filed, so at least I can anticipate a lump sum.

    • Rachel

      can you help me? @ days ago i got a award insurance letter claiming im getting unemployment again . They just took it away from me 3 months ago? i worked three jobs and got fired from all of them am i going to get any money?

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