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The vote is coming within 48 hours just been announced !! So please stop freaking out people !! No more stupid posts. EUC is back !!

  • RISE UP …

    EUC is going back in queue with the rest of the 260,000 claims already waiting. Think about it! EDD can’t deal with the back log they have, what the heck are they going to do with another 300.000 EUC claimsfor 2014??

    Get off yer butt and get out Dec 20th. The EVERYONE know EDD is screwed up, Deloitte raped us ALL.

  • thissystemblows

    I’d love to be in Sacramento or whereever on the 20th….but I barely have money to Eat let alone drive 150 miles to join the protest. BTW why do it on a Friday? Why not do it on a Monday?

    • RISE UP …

      What’s wrong with Friday? Why a Monday?
      This is the soonest to put this together before Christmas. Nobody does anything the week OF Christmas. The Gov, politicians and EDD management are going to try to slide out Friday the 20th, well guess what, they’re going to have to wait for the news media and us, it’s not going to look good if nobody’s guarding the hen house.

      Can you get some friends, relatives, neighbours to help with some gas funds? What directions are you coming from, I’m sure there are others who can help. Send email to and see if there is some help?

      • whatev

        Know if anyone from orange county is going up there??

        • RISE UP …

          Not yet, where are you at?

          • whatev

            In orange county….city of orange by the angels baseball stadium. If I can ride share I’ll go. I can pitch in for gas too

  • Just me

    Where did you hear this?

  • Royally ass f***cked

    I heard the Dems/ Pelosi caved as usual and took it in the ass and Obama lied again as usual and no extensions were part of this budget deal. Which means come Dec 28th..anyone not on a parent claim is done.ALL extensions…all tiers DONE.

    Granted there is “talk” of some kind of legislation later on don’t depend on it. If any extensions come to fruition it is going to be after the nice long paid vacation for congress and then it could still be months.

    Demonstrations are all well and good for the 40-50 who will show up when no one is there…but the real issue is over a million cut off…and by half way into the year close to 2 million cut off. I say we pitch the tent cities on these fuckers lawns.

    • anon

      Sacramento has at lot more issues that just EUC, no offence. It’s going to take more than just those of us in Sac. You can help get the word out to the rest of the country. We not going to do it from here, it takes more than

  • Tmcclure

    I would like to know for sure about EUC. I have been scouring the web hoping for information on an extension. I do not see anything about EUC being extended through 2015 as your headline says. Where did you get this info that EUC is back. Please don’t give false hope if it has not really returned.

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