• Anonymous

    I forgot to add that EDD is holding me up over $97 that I made from working a catering gig. Lesson learned – it’s better not to work a PT than to go through this trouble.

  • Pinky

    Thanks for the info. I called the number you posted but the girl told me they cant help me there and rudely put me on hold and said she was transferring me. I tried to ask “where?” but she put me on hold too quick. After being on hold for 8 mins it went back to a recording for that office again. STILL no help. uuuuuggggghhhhhhhhhh
    I’m going to call as many #’s from their admin phone list(link posted in an earlier post) as I can. It can’t hurt. Gonna shake the cage!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, when I called she was sort of rude to me too but she looked up my info. I think I called after 8. Most likely they are getting many calls from us irate people wondering what’s the hold up on our checks.

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