CTB/TE-WIOA Benefits

August 29, 2017 · 1 comment

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I’m receiving UI benefits and I started a program and it’s before my 16th week. I requested and informed EDD and a phone interview is scheduled. The program is on the ETPL providers list in CA and it’s available for WIOA funding.

They don’t have funding which seems to be the norm for WIOA but would they at least be able to approve the training and send in something to the EDD before funding? If I start self initated CTB claim, how do I get approved? I have a interview next week via phone.

  • Unemployed Samaritan

    Have all ur school info rdy. Begin and end dates, contact person to verify enrollment, program name and school info. Ur old job has to be “not in demand” and ur training occupation must be “in demand”.

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