damm I’m so sick of congress. EUC isnt even being discussed

February 20, 2014 · 3 comments

in Pissed!

Until the first week of March and that’s if they can come up with an agreement which right now there is none cuz rep want obamacare gone and h reid won’t agree. Sucks

  • me

    How do you know they aren’t going to talk about it until March? Is this factual? Do you have a link of where you read that?

    • sallymay

      ITs a Troll, its not true, they will vote again when the get back, I would say first week in March at the Latest…

  • Not just O.C., right?

    Is Obama Care being gone “the” only compromise? Aren’t there other issues on the table also? I only ask because Obama Care being gone, cut, or changed in any sort of way, just isn’t going to happen – and we ALL know this. So why even bother to have this on the table to begin with? I’m sure that there are other deals which BOTH parties are interested in reaching, aren’t there?

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