• kim

    Yea that happened to me last week it said subbmitted on the next day which was monday and then it issued tue morning.. I was nervous but hey i guess it was just a delay

    • vic

      Thanks! Its strange because it just changed my submitted date to today…

      • kim

        Expect to get paid tomarrow instead of tonite. But I know cause I was freaking out lol

        • vic

          Haha yeah I’m freaking out too thanks again for your help!

          • kim

            Your welcome

      • Blackoutlily

        It keeps updating to the current day until the status changes to Issued.

  • lela

    don’t necessarily assume you won’t be paid this evening. My webcert always shows issued the day after i get my money.

  • Hen

    Please start posting your payments tonight – that’s if anyone gets paid tonight. And let us know where you live, so we can get an idea exactly what, where and who got processed tonight by edd. Thanks.

  • edd

    I talked to edd today and they said my money would post to my account with in 24 hours just like normal time.

    • jonsays

      how in the hell were u able to talk to a person

  • dlogan

    Im so sick of the inconsistent payments how am i supposed to balance my budget when we cant even get a consistent payday, i do my part every week looking for work submitting my claim forms faithfully on the same day and time and my payment is never on the same freaking day ugh waiting around for money i need is stressful

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