Delayed Money

June 19, 2017 · 11 comments

in Where's my Money!?

Why is it that all of sudden I am having issues getting my money? Before I would certify Sunday morning, get painful Sunday evening and now it’s like I have to call just to make sure I’m getting paid? This is the second time this has happened. Is anyone else having this issue?

  • jim slevin

    Delayed Money. Have had the same experience as you. Do not know why..

    • Thora Macias

      Anyone’s payments still pending?

      • Zee ty

        YES!!!! I’m stressed!

        • Rhonda Kennedy

          Sorry See, looks like we’re all in the same boat.

      • Rhonda Kennedy

        Yes, see my comment above.

      • Rhonda Kennedy

        Yep, mine are, so annoying.

      • Joyce

        Yes!! 5 days still late from normal process.

    • Rhonda Kennedy

      Sorry Jim.

  • Rhonda Kennedy

    Yep, filed this past Sunday June 2nd and still haven’t received payment??, last time I was on EDD I’d file Sunday morning and payment would be there Monday morning or Tue at the latest, so frustrating!, can’t plan bill payments or go shopping for food and necessities. ?

  • Joyce

    Yes …you are not alone. Delayed since Monday. It’ now July 7Th Friday. Try calling or contact thru UI online
    . Good luck.

    • Asia Black

      i only got paid for one week did this happen to anyone else

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