Denied Unemployment by the appeals board?

February 2, 2018 · 3 comments

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If anyone has exhausted all administrative options in appealing decisions with the EDD and have received a letter of denial from the appeals board in Sacramento, ca-I can type your appeal for you to file with the Superior court. Email me

  • nona

    Lol u fell info the Fraud Scam,, u pay into that benefit,, and Eddy Steals it from u,, its called EMBEZZLEMENT… I Cannot wait until the DOJ or FBI RAIDS ALL THEIR OFFICES::: AND ITS COMING SOON !
    Stay tuned to ur TV and or Paper !

  • Joshua

    EDD using RIAA tactics. People working there are over doing their job. You owe them what a big cake? EDD are using trolls over this overpayment copyright protection.

  • Marty

    I doubt you owe so much money in late fees due to overpayment. Ya one troll in the EDD communicating with a border gunrunner in Chula Vista about California ID licenses. The troll sends you green colored seal enevelope every month thinking ypu take the bait. You call toll free number to generously talk to someone. The hotline has only two phones. That the lady in Anaheim says to ignore scam letter. Don’t pay hundreds and hundreds to the EDD.The troll never gets paid runs to either Governor Brown or the court to issue you another letter. Besides, I wonder why all the departments in the EDD don’t ever communicate with each other. You file your unemployment. Get two letters that you qualify and then week later denied. Political motivation on EDD’s part!

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