Did the max for benefit amounts go down?

June 17, 2017 · 1 comment

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I am in the process of having my wages re-examined by EDD because every year my benefit amounts are going down, quite drastically even though my salary is increasing a little each year so I would expect the benefits to follow suit. This is not the case however and I noticed that the max benefits is lower this year than last year on my initial benefits statement and I don’t know the cause of this. Has there been a reduction in the amount of benefits paid on a new and lowered benefits table? I can’t find any information regarding this but it wouldn’t surprise me if unemployment was cut down in size. Please let me know. I’m very curious and confused because I work as a teacher and every dollar counts during these summer months and it’s only getting harder and harder to find dignity or to even justify any of this.

  • S0lly

    I also noticed the benefit amount seems less than
    before. I have been on unemployment a
    few times in the past 20 years, and in the past I have gotten over 400/week,
    now getting $385… Not that I am complaining, at least now I can pay the rent…

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