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Since claiming my benefits, it’s been 8 weeks and not receiving any money due to disqualification. I had an assignment from a staffing agency and worked and made only $40 for three and half hours. I had to quit due to poor equipment and environment. Staffing agency reported EDD that I worked for one full week of 40 hours and did not report EDD of all waged I made. A huge lie! I went through phone interview and agent was even unaware I only worked for three and half hours. I accidentally report $40 on my claim and I’m disqualified. I was able to get a full time job and unable to appear to appeal. Now I’m unemployed and no income. I have bills to pay every months. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Angela Talarico

    Call the office of appeals immediately and ask them to reschedule the hearing. If you’re working, ask that they schedule you for a hearing by telephone.

    • Jonson Jon

      Thanks for your response. I consulted with a lawyer and he told me I
      should’ve appealed within 20 days but it’s past 20 days and I may be
      still appeal but judge will ask me why I didn’t appeal with in 20 days. I
      was working full time that time and didn’t have time. Lawyer told me
      judge will not take that as an excuse. But anyway, EDD made a decision
      that I own them $2000. I only forgot to report of making $40! I’ve been
      filing claims for more than two months now and with my income tax refund
      confiscated back in April but seems like EDD tries to confiscate my
      benefit forever. Now I have no income for long time and going through
      very tough times with bills and all. Any suggestions? Appreciated.

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