Do All Extensions End in Decemeber 2013?

July 7, 2013 · 5 comments

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I have just begun Tier 1. My claim year ends Dec 8 2013. The EDD website says all extension benefits end Dec 22 2013? If I understand correctly?

  • Josh

    I am in about the same boat as you with my regular bending ending last week. How long did it take for you to be transition into tier 1 and to receive payments? Thanlks

  • Isabella4ever

    Last payment will be for week ending 12/28, unless Congress extends legislation. Since you have already begun EUC, the 12/22 date is irrelevant.

  • Vi

    Yes but don’t count on getting all 4. The government has been as slick as shit the last five months mysteriously reducing the unemployment rate little by little in California. In April they went in for the kill by applying a 17.69% sequester cut to those who were already on EUC. This disgusting little game further impoverished the unemployed while also bumping off nearly 60,000 unemployed which are no longer considered a part of the labor force to be counted as unemployed. The biggest insult occurs when you look at payroll for new hires in may which shows only 10,000 new hires and yet the BLS has the audacity to cliam Ca as only 8.6% unemployment. The lowest this state has been since 2008. It is mindblowing we have plummeted from 9.8 to 8.6 since January. Not really when you are fucking with numbers and know exactly how to get away with it. How simple to apply sequester cuts in April and by May know all those dumped off would result in just the exact rate to cut tier 4. Those other 50,000 unaccounted for that have mysteriously left unemployment but are unaccounted for on payroll as new hires mean nothing and of course the u.e. rate continues to plummet each month because of this sick game. California will be losing tier 4 in Aug because of this horrible game. The government would have been pummeled had they just cut everyone on EUC off during the holiday season last year. So this was the slick switch. Cut if off little by little so by Dec there wouldn’t be any tiers left any way. God help all those who are being shut off. I’ve seen every thing but this has got to be the sickest game played on the unemployed.

    • Isabella4ever

      Since OP has just begin Tier 1, she couldn’t collect Tier 4 this year if she wanted to. Assuming she has a full claim, Tiers 1 and 2 will take her to year-end when all federal payments cease, unless Congress extends.

      Understand you anger, but It has been Congress’ intent for the past 18 months to gradually wean the economy off unemployment benefits. It began last year with a cessation of EB/FED-ED, rise in tier rate triggers, shortening of the tiers. The handwriting has been on the wall for a long, long time.

      You said:
      “In April they went in for the kill by applying a 17.69% sequester cut to those who were already on EUC.”

      Your view on the CA implementation of sequester does not consider all the variables. First, because of the 400,000 EUC claimants in CA, it would have been financial and social suicide to cut all benefits for everyone on EUC by 10.7%, effective week ending 4/6.

      CA, and other high UE states, chose to either delay the EUC cuts, or implement them gradually. CA chose gradual implementation as one began a tier after 4/28, instead of a hard cut-off. I think that was smart. Most other states do not have even 100,000 people on EUC, much less 400,000.

      Further, If you are a NJ or MD resident on EUC, you are now subject to a 22.2% cut beginning 7/6. Would you have liked 22.2% better? Earlier EUC recipients and those close to exhaustion are the least affected, those just beginning – presumably in better financial shape because they haven’t been unemployed as long – are the worst affected – short-term.

      One way or another, the states must achieve an overall 10.7% cut to EUC payouts between 4/6 and 9/28 – the USDOL has allowed latitude in state implementation as long as the overall $$ cut meets the 10.7%. In order to meet that 10.7%, CA (and other states) is not ending sequester cuts on 9/28 as is presently scheduled in some states because too many EUC recipients still have not been affected. Also, NJ is warning the 22.2% may continue past 9/28 – depending on Congress.

      Many people have an issue with the actual unemployment numbers. Despite all the discussion over the years that the “official” figure is fraudulent nonetheless, the methods for arriving at this “official” figure has not and will not change.

  • liz

    I am in the same position. I am almost 60 and was “laid off” in May. I have been earnestly looking for work and have been unsuccessfl. My regular UI ends next week and then I have 2 months at 22% reduced rate…which even makes things worse. I have been using my meager savings to help me stay afloat…but I don’t know what I am going to do when that runs out. I am scared. Very scared. I can not even have medical insurance.

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