Do YOU think the EUC will pass Senate this time?

March 5, 2014 · 34 comments

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I know we won’t know for sure until Congress actually votes on the extension but what is YOUR OPINION?

Do YOU Think the EUC will pass this time around? What is your gut telling you?

  • Mike J.

    My gut says it will pass this time. If it doesn’t, I believe it never will, and if there was another vote it wouldn’t be for over another month. Wishing you all the best!

  • Jim

    I have indigestion. Putting aside the gas I’m thinking it will pass too. RePubes will finally cave in and move on to attacking the poor and vulnerable in other ways

  • Based on what is happening…

    I don’t really like to use my “gut” because my thought process is based on evidence which is derived from other senses. Judging from the fact that they have not given up on this and more repubs seem to be coming on board, and based on the data they have used to decide this historically since WW2. in all logic and common sense, this will pass and soon. It seems they must be very close to an agreement and have the votes to pass this or it would make no sense at this point for them to even have another vote. The only thing my gut tells me is I am ready to puke from reading the negative “opinions” on this site that make assertions for no other reason then to bring other readers down.

    • Based on what is happening…

      …that said, I also feel based on history that there will be some changes which will include cuts to tiers and possibly lengths meaning some who were hoping to get it won’t and not everyone is going to be happy with some of the concessions the Dems will need to make in order to get enough republican support to pass this.

      • john

        Their not going to pass it. And if they did make changes to the tiers, it would only affect future unemployed. The tiers are based on when you signed up.

        • Carnac the magnificant

          You seem to know a lot. You know it is not going to pass, and you know changes would not effect tiers that are ALL gone and expired.. Interesting. I wish I had a crystal ball that was so reliable.

      • stevieray

        naw its only a 6 month ext…

        • still speculation

          Well as far as we know. But we have no idea how they will make the tiers etc yet. And being it is a retro deal those on tier one and two should get back pay but if they cut any lengths or tiers it effect everyone on EUC. As far as tier 3 if they totally cut that I am not so sure how this effects a retro deal..I guess it is up to congress to make that call.

  • Not sure

    I have mixed feelings. My concern is they voted no on extending for 3 months so why would they vote yes on extending 6 months?

    • need to consider…

      Because this is a new deal and we needed more republican support either way. Don’t forget there was also an 11 month extension they filibustered as well as the 3 month so it was not the lengths that were the issue so much but that the republicans were not able to extort anything from it to help out their rich buddies. It makes no sense to only have a 3 month extension at this point since the unemployment rate has not yet improved enough and still not enough jobs. Even if they had passed the 3 month already there would have been another fight to extend it more in March unless there was a drastic improvement in the economy, job market and unemployment rate. JUst something to consider…still no guarantee of anything, we only know even some republicans now a pushing for this.

  • sadly….

    My gut says no. And I really do need it, but I’m trying hard to move on.

    • Still need to consider…

      I would hope anyone that has been broke since their last EDD payment has long ago moved on. I knew from day one the only thing I was “entitled” to was my 26 weeks paid into by my employer so anything else is just gravy but not gravy I would have ever depended on knowing all EUC was said to expire on the 28th.

      That said it is unprecedented that all EUC would be cut while many states and the national unemployment and long term unemployment rates are still so high. We do know in 2010 there was a 50 day lapse yet they still figured out a way to get it done retro with tier and length cuts as it should be done. Incrementally during a recovery period. The republicans can not stall this forever as the number of those who qualify for EUC grow each week and there are still simply not enough jobs to bring the rate down to pre recession levels. This is not just effecting democrats and minorities….this recession hit almost all of us and that included white republicans. They know this.

  • Past behavior

    The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Based on FACTS not “guts” I’d have to say NO. Plus, as selfish as they are, we have to look at this with “what’s in it for THEM?” eyes. It’s not for “votes.” So, why would make them say YES?

    • yes..use the past…

      Because you not only have to consider past behavior, but historical data. While it is true just about every time there is a call for extending EUC the republicans fight it using the same exact rhetoric and trying to extort something out of it for their rich buddies. But as well since WW2 they have never totally cut all EUC when the unemployment rate and lack of jobs was this high. Oh there have been lapses but not once…not one single time have they ever totally cut it like this. They always caved….sometimes without “pay fors” and sometimes with pay fors, and sometimes with more tax cuts for the rich and other so called “job growth” plans that are total bullshit…but do get the republicans on board eventually.

      • Who knows!?

        Well, maybe this time it’s that “once!”

        • True….

          That is certainly a possibility but I would be more convinced there is no chance if Reid or the few republicans that support it were announcing they do not have enough support for another vote. We are reading the contrary so I remain skeptically optimistic until otherwise or I see the vote fail again.

      • stevieray

        ^Yep he is Correct^ every single time they want something

    • other considerations..

      Actually there are votes in it for them. If you research on other news forums and blogs besides this whiney negative defeatist bitchfest here…you will find post after post of republicans stating they will not only never vote republican again if they continue to block this, but are embarrassed they ever did.

      Now of course this will not be such an issue for all republicans but we do not need them all to get this passed..just enough. And there are certainly states with high unemployment rates with republican representation and constituents that need this to survive as much as any other laid off person who still can;t find suitable employment, and they as well have been very vocal. The numbers don;t lie and the numbers clearly communicate the unemployment rate is still too high to cut it and there are simply not enough jobs. As well the numbers indicate that cutting EUC is not magically creating a single freaking job.

  • stevieray

    My gut told me, it will pass congress, this time, and only 25 percent sure it will pas senate, those fuckers wont pass ANYTHING…. unless Ried caves BIG TIME on someting..

    • My gut told me to puke..

      Well right now the concern is the Senate. Once it gets to the house it really depends on if Boner has the sense to quickly get this to the president. There are mixed reports as to what the house will do but the consensus at least from Pelosi and the Dems is this will get through the house if we get a vote in the senate. We know Boner wants a “pay for” or “job creation” incentive so perhaps they will give him a tax break for the rich or a pipeline. I am sure this is a major consideration in the senate right now. I am also sure the house is aware of the damage any further delays would cause not only to the economy and the unemployed, but to some political careers as well.

      • stevieray

        I thought the house has to vote on it too? boner has been saying for months, he wants it paid for…so who knows

        • we shall see…

          Well it depends. Boner has the power to get this passed with or without a vote. And yes he has said he wants a pay for and supposedly the Dems got one. If he will be happy with it is another story but happy or not I think he knows it is the the best interests of all to pass this. He is the house republican leader so most of them will do as he says.

          • stevieray

            awww, I was not aware he can do that, so it all depends on him now.. yeah I think now he know’s what he SHOULD DO

          • it is a clusterfuck

            Yeah a lot of things depend on him being the house majority leader. But they seem to have put the brunt of this on the senate. If I am going to go by any type of “gut” feeling which is based on all the reports and quotes from Boner and others is the house might not be a problem…extending EUC does have a shitload of support from the American people as well as the president not to mention there is sufficient grounds to continue it based on the numbers. But meh I enjoy chatting about it here my life goes on either way. I got my 26 weeks and that is all I really expected as my claim ended in December and there was already talk that the republicans were staunchly against any more EUC regardless of the data that supports otherwise.

          • .

            Are you sure Boehner can pass this without a vote?

        • anonymous m

          you worded your original post wrong. you should have said “it will pass the senate” and only 25% sure it will pass “the house”.

          • stevieray

            yeah thats what I meant….yeah but now i know boner can take the ball and run… I up that 25 percent to 70 percent now.
            LOL, Im so over this shit…

  • llewelyn

    All I know is that I can’t wait for this guessing game to be over. I am looking for a job every day, but it would be nice to have the extension to survive. Whether it be yea or nay, I just need closure.

    • oh yes….

      I think we all agree to that point but I was cut off right when tier one began for me so we are talking a few thousand dollars here I can really use as I accumulated debt since the cutoff. So any news they are still working on something is good for me but of course if they have no real intentions of passing this it would be quite courteous of them to tell us already.

    • stevieray

      Hey Im with you, I have saving’s, but could use the back pay, I just want it to be over…..the stress is killing me

      • some really need this..

        Don’t let it stress you too much brother. I see your SN is stevieray and if that has anything to do with the best blues guitar player that ever roamed the Earth Stevie Ray Vaughan just chill to some of his music and get yourself a job. If it passes and you get back pay then it is like a “bonus”, if not you are no better or worse off then you are now. I also have some savings but I feel so horrible for those who do not and really depended on EUC and have to deal with all these delays and promises only to be disappointed over and over with no definitive answer. That said we do know all the Dems, the president and a handful of republicans still have their backs and are doing whatever they can despite the odds.

  • Tammy

    If it doesn’t pass this time then it is over. Let’s hope for all of us.

    • hope and lost elections…

      Well some are “hoping”, others are “depending”, some are just “speculating”, some insist it is already over, and some insist it will pass. I would not say if it does not pass this time it is over for sure but it would certainly send a message that there is a very good chance it is and the republicans are willing to take that political risk just to appease a few teabaggers.

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