• anonymous

     send an email, if you had an interview there may be an issue with the interviewer and their inability to finish their work, this could be due to extenuating circumstances such as getting information from your employer, their not always easy to get a hold of. if you keep emailing, eventually something will get to that persons manager to make them finish the paper work or at least let you know what they’re waiting for.

  • Jghkfgf

    call 619-525-4995 someone answers every time and will answer your questions i use this anytime i have issues

    • UnemployedUnderground

      OMG! The very first time I got through and resolved my issue in two seconds, just like you said!!!! Thank you so much Jghkfgf! 

    • Lorenzo Carrillo

      God Bless you Jghkgf!!! I got through on the very first call. 🙂

    • EDdiejr

      Thank You Jghkfgf Worked!!!! tested Tue. Aug 14,2012

    • God is on my side

      Thank you So much for that number they picked up and my problem is solved God Bless You!

  • TruBlue

    No luck getting through the (800) 300-5616.  So maybe we all stop calling that number EDD’s employees do not have to get paid either since they will no longer have to do what they’re suppose to do (process our claims).  The rule of thumb is if EDD’s employees go to work to just sit around and snore all day, they shouldn’t be at work and collecting taxpayers money, anyway.  Someone will notice and  will report you.  We can no longer feed you, if we can’t even feed ourselves. 

    Besides no use anyway and we end up paying for useless calls.  EDD’s phone system is somewhat set to just drop all calls after message, “Due to the number of callers already waiting….”.  Even if calls are being made at 8:00 a.m., which is the time these number should start working.

  • Chad

    They don’t answer the phone – EVER. I decided long ago playing by the “rules” isn’t a viable solution. So, like a good boy scout, I found an alternative number on Yelp and called it. It’s an indirect EDD number. You’re not supposed to call it, but when all else fails, why the hell not? Naturally I was brow-beaten for calling the number, but they did transfer my call and guess what? I got a real life human being!!!!! The problem was resolved. Shocker. 

  • him

    Jghkfgf thanks so much. My good thoughts go your way

  • Grateful Mom

    Thank you God bless

  • Fozzie

    Fuck Yeah!!! Chaooooow. Awesome gracias

  • Me

    EDD started an electronic conversion on 10-9-12. The change backed them up 1+ months in processing claims. They will say they haven’t received anything from your doctor when in fact they have your paperwork but until it’s input into THEIR system, the call center that you might eventually get through to (MIGHT) will say they don’t have anything. It’s frustrating and a horrible time for anyone receiving disability benefits. You’ll probably be back at work by the time you get paid.

  • Maibai

    Thank God for your assistance. It still works!

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