Does anyone get there benefits on Sunday in California ??

June 12, 2016 · 10 comments

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Just curious 2 weeks ago Monday was a holiday and I recieved my payment a little after 6 on Sunday I fold literally at minding on Sunday and received my befits Sunday after 6pm anyone is this normal for them to pay ??? Sunday ??

  • yes

    I have gotten paid on Sundays but I filed at midnight last night and mine still says pending, what is your status, does it say paid or pending? I think it only pays out when it says paid, but I could be (I’m hoping!) wrong. Thanks!

    • Princess89

      It’s says paid since 7 this morning

    • Princess89

      Thank you so much for replying

      • no problem

        No problem, post back if you get paid tonight, it’s making me nervous that mine still says pending, it usually goes to paid so I’m not sure what is wrong. There have been times it took awhile to update though, ugh.

        • Princess89

          I will definitely let you know but over called 6 times already to my card nothing’s there sad face

  • Princess89

    Money is there

  • Monique Moreno

    I usually get mine on Sunday by 7pm, as of today Monday 6-13-16 Nothing anyone else???

  • projectoptics

    I have never gotten a deposit on a Sunday. Ive always recieved it at 8pm on Monday.

    • Jay52

      Did u recertify sunday

  • Mikhella

    I always certify Sunday morning and get paid Sunday night usually around 7pm. I live in Sacramento, CA

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