does anyone know what is going on?

October 5, 2017

in ¿Confused?

I was terminated on -14-17. That same day I filed for unemployment. I got paperwork and was told to by someone I talked to on their 800 number to register online and file online. I had my telephone interview on 9-28-17. I have been watching my status online since I had not received anything from them to let me know what is going on. Today my status went from pending for the week of 9-16-17 to excessive earnings since I was working that week. Then it said the week of 9-23-27 “waiting period served”. I am unsure what this means…. Does it mean that I was approved and just have to wait for the waiting period? Keep in mind I haven’t received the ATM card as of right now. I have never gotten employment payments before and don’t understand how they do things… Just hoping for help making since of this….

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