Does anyone win these things?

June 2, 2013 · 4 comments

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I was fired from my job in Feb 2013 after 6 years. I filed for UI and was approved. Then I got the golden letter that my employer was appealing the claim. I went to my appeal read to rumble and ended up losing my case. The judge concluded misconduct and said my employer offered me another position ( which is not true ) and I refused. The judge also concluded that I was told to call a manager when I encountered a problem and although it was documented that I did call a manager and no one ever responded I still lost.

I appealed my case on the grounds that I was recommended to call a manager and no one came which the judge concluded and there is no documentation to back the claim that I was offered another potion or that I even had a conversation with my manager. On top of that my last write up before discharge was in September so they kept me through the holiday season their busiest and most profitable time.

Do people actually win these appeals?

  • Fart Finkelstein

    Appeal the appeal.

    • ian

      i did and i just got the acknowledgement letter. Now waiting for the results

    • Danny

      You will NEVER win once you end up in the CUIAB vortex from Hell!! They are corrupt and uphold almost all the decisions of their jerk ass judges. The judges can do and say anything and Sacramento 2nd level CUIAB will uphold it. They don’t give a shit and sit back collecting $120K a year to F people over all day EVERY day!! They SUCK and need to be investigated!!

  • Ian

    i did and i just got the acknowledgement letter. Now waiting for the results ugh!

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