EDD appeal becaue left for family reasons

September 20, 2017 · 1 comment

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I filed for unemployment. The last place I worked at last year was a pizza place. I delivered. I told EDD I left because I had to go back to Illinois to help put my father with ALS move into an assisted living place. And the pizza owner would not give more than 2 days off. I had to go back several times to Illinois since. Sold my car for money later so cant’ deliver.

Was denied. Now appealing. Any appeal tips? PLEASE. THANKS

  • SDI

    Drop your appeal and apply for Paid Family Leave. PFL is for people in your situation and I don’t think you can be fired from your job. You should have never quit.

    You will most likely lose the appeal. UI is for people who are seasonal, or laid off (sometimes it applies to being fired). UI is governed mostly by federal law and is very strict. It is not for people who quit unless you quit for harassment, employer breaks the law etc.

    Also, PFL pays more.

    Good Luck

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