• Cc

    I called like about an hour ago and they told me to try and use it in three hours… Hopefully cuz I don’t carry any cash on me either.

  • Hate b of a

    Just spoke to them on the phone, guess their system is back up but the cards will not work until ‘hopefully’ tomorrow at 6 am!! Wtf!!
    On a side note I found this article.. I will be taking my funds out each time I get my benefits from now on!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the above link. The situation with BofA is worse than I thought!

    Since getting my card, I walk to the nearest BofA and withdraw all the money. I don’t want to link my BofA EDD account to my credit union account because I want BofA to know as little about me as possible. I also withdraw the money in its entirety on the first day the money is available (usually Tuesday or Wednesday morning) and count it while I’m still in the bank. (The article actually recommends withdrawing the money in $20s because BofA will not replace counterfeit $100s.)

    In some ways, I almost prefer a paper check because there is no third party involved such as BofA. In general, I think most people don’t have an issue with the BofA EDD card, especially if they already bank with them. But I would rather be safe and have as little to do with BofA.

  • vp

    The first bank account I ever had was at BofA in the East Bay Area. I stayed with them for personal checking, savings, and an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) as well as business checking and auto financing for about 35 years.

    They became less “friendly” over time and I started moving accounts to local banks and credit unions. My last account with BofA was an IRA and when it matured I had my credit union request a transfer (electronic rollover during the grace period). BofA actually called to inform me they were charging $75 to close and transfer the account and fairly demanded to know why I was moving the account.

    Well Duh! Like maybe because they pay low interest on customer accounts, charge high fees, and have a snarky attitude. That was several years ago and I have since totally made up the $75 fee and am way ahead on interest earnings.

    I do not like BofA, but so far the transfers to my checking account at the local bank have been timely. Sorry to say, it’s starting to feel like there is a slimeyness between the big banks and all levels of government these days.

  • JB

    It is 9:10am Sat and I still can not get in! Has this system been Hacked or is bofa as bad as I always thought it was??? I also got a tranfer of funds notice 3 days ago, and there are no funds in the account(.20 cents)??????????

    • socal

      they shorted me $225.00 this payment and they’ re system is conveniently down, bastards.

  • Anonymous

    @JB, I am able to log into my BofA account so I am not sure if it is system-wide. Have you tried calling the BofA customer service line? Maybe your password needs to be reset. I remember, once, I entered the wrong password and I was locked out. Had to call BofA to get it reset.

    Yes, BofA is bad and maybe even worse than you thought. I never, never do the transfer of fund option because when/if there is a problem, BofA has no incentive to help you.

  • pe

    I just now tried to go into their website and it won’t let me in to log in. Now they have our unemploment check but the websit is down WTF. I called the custmer service and they did not know what I was talking about, isn’t that just
    GREAT! Its bad enought that we are unemployed but to have to deal with a poor banking company sure leaves a bad taste in mouth!

  • Anonymous

    No, maybe you are doing something wrong as I checked it last night and it showed my deposit and subsequent transfer to my checking account.

    I just checked it again right now at 6:40 pm and it shows:
    02-21-2012 CA EDD DEPOSIT
    ACH Load Credit


    02-21-2012 State of CA EDD Unemploym
    Debit Card SACRAMENTO CA 958144503 ACH Funds Transfer Debit

  • BastardsofAmerica

    Their site is down most of the time and when you complain, they say they are not having a problem. That’s why I will never have a BofA account – they’re liars.

  • Anonymous

    I just checked it again right now and it is fine.
    Are you sure it is not a problem with your computer?

  • rm

    I just checked again after trying ALL afternoon and it is not allowing to get to the site.
    What is wrong??

  • Anonymous

    Could be your browser. There was a person last night who could not get in using IE9 but could access via Google Chrome.

    If the website doesn’t load, that means you’re not making a connection.

  • Robinpagen76

    I have not been able to access the EDD B of A website to check my balance or any other transaction for about a month or two. I went to B of A and asked the teller to check the balance for me and she said she couldnt provide that because it wasnt a B of A account. The back of the card says it is! I am going to do what others are doing and just withdraw the money as soon as it comes in. I will have to do it at the ATM machine because of the lack of knowledge of the bank to handle this card.

    • 123

      Works fine for me. Have you tried different browsers?  Haven’t had any problems with the site since August 2011 when I first received my EDD Debit Card. Must be the way your computer is configured.

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