• yo yo

    ive had this happen a few times but if you telecert it works just as well i have never had an issue with it and you might get your money sooner that way good luck

    • Lttedd

      Will telecert work if I work a part time job and I have to reports earnings? I read online that those who have to report earnings can’t use webcert or telecert.

      • OldskySlowsky

        If you have earnings to report, you will have to use the paper claim form. Contact EDD asap (phone or email) if you don’t receive the form a few days before the end of the claim period.

      • Miss Minnie

        No, you cannot use Telecert or Webcert if you work and report earnings or attend school and require a school signature.

  • Veronica

    Supposedly EDD mailed me my claim forms on Sat 11/10 and I still haven’t received them. However, I was able to use web cert.

  • lilly

    If you did not receive the claim forms by 11/17, contact EDD first thing tomorrow morning. However I am pretty certain that you got them in the mail late friday evening or yesterday.

  • Fart Finkelstein


  • Litchesan

    Again a month has gone by since I sent in my DE4581 and no response from EDD.Last time they screwed up it was three months. You can’t get through to them on the phone, its impossible. Tele and WebCert you take your chances and WAIT FOREVER. GeeWize

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