• Citizen K

    Once you get your card, read your card agreement closely. If I understand it correctly, BofA will be able to “share” all kinds of information about you, and your opt-out options are very limited. Just got my card a couple of days ago, and I think the safest thing– privacy wise– is to just go to a BofA ATM and withdraw the money over the course of a couple of days and do all my grocery shopping with cash. (Though I will be left with a $9 balance, since the minimum you can take out is $20– not sure what to do about that!)
    The other disturbing thing is that you can only make two withdraws from a non-BofA ATM without being charged a $1 fee per transaction. What if you don’t live near a BofA? (I don’t–have to drive or take the bus). I think this reeks of a big giveaway for BofA, they will be collecting all kinds of fees from people who can spare the money least.

  • Rail Roaded

    At least I know not to expect my debit card in 3 days like it said in EDDs letter. Thanks for posting that info. I now know I better go out and get a bag of potatoes and some ramen to get me through until the damn card gets here. Your reasons for not banking with Ho’s of America are the reasons I do not bank with them either. It sickens me that on TOP of losing my job after over a decade of working for that company and not being able to get another job which is so DEPRESSING – NOW I have to do business with the skankiest lowlife bank in the nation to get my unemployment money. I may not be able to do anything about the greedy unconscionable bastages profiting from this lovely joint venture, but I will be DAMNED if I pay ONE DOLLAR of fees to B of A of ANY KIND. I guess because we’re unemployed, we don’t have any choice on where to have a bank account and who has our personal information???? Did we lose our civil rights when we lost our jobs?

    • mutosheep

      We lost our civil rights the moment we decided to let gubment crooks choose our insurance policies

  • EDD Debit Card

    I’m really surprised at how the new EDD Debit Card is working out. I thought it would really streamline how people received unemployment benefits and made spending them easier but from what i’m seeing the cards are at least initially really becoming disruptive to benefit recipients. I’m most surprised that you have to pay to get a replacement card. I’m sure BOA wouldn’t do that for a general credit card holder.

  • Not Happy

    I also despise B of A and am really pissed that I have to deal with them in any way, shape, or form. Another infuriating issue is that now EDD can theoretically play Big Brother and track all of your purchases with the card. Not that I’m buying anything nefarious, but does EDD really need to know where and when I spend my money?

  • Anonymous

    Are you in Cali? I file my claim by webcert or phone cert. on Sunday. The payments get processed on Monday night so I get my payments a lot quicker.

  • PlayLA

    Are you in Cali? I file my claim by webcert or phone cert. on Sunday. The payments get processed on Monday night so I get my payments a lot quicker.

  • Cantpayrent

    Got my card… took a long time… and now I’ve had to go to the BofA website… schedule a transfer (which takes two extra days) and now I miss rent and pay a late charge. This is wrong of the EDD and BofA to do this to EDD clients. YES.. CLIENTS. I pay into unemployment insurance for decades so that I would be protected. 12 years in one job and laid off because the company went corporate and sent 40% of OUR jobs to Asia. Living EDD check to EDD check and they pull this game? Odds are some team of marketing and sales shark excrement came up with this idea and is patting him/herself on the back… but obviously knows nothing of the additional stress this causes to people who are frightened and doing their best to stay honest.

  • amazed once again

    I did not have any problems receiving my card but I am concerned with all these changes that are only going to benefit the big dogs. Out of all banks we get BofA!? I dealt with them once in my life and had a terrible experience and now they are going to be profiting from my misfortune. I am transferring the entire amount into my credit union. I am happy that they finally are going to deposit the money directly but why couldn’t they just deposit it to our current bank?

  • Katherine

    Does anyone know if there is going to be a class action lawsuit? I too was told my card was sent 08/04/2011 and finally after a week of calling B of A said they would Western Union my money today after a $15 fee. Because of this problem I now have several late fees on bills that I could not pay.

  • Richard G. Blincoe

    I use to bank with Bank of America but left them because of several major problems I had with them. Now Bank of America is being investigated by many district attornies over fraud invalving morgages and illegal foreclosures. So how was this bank chosen to handle the EDD debit cards. My best guess is that they BRIBED someone.
    If the EDD wanted to save money they should offer direct deposit like most companies do including most temporary agencies.
    Also, as a previous commenter pointed out, the EDD is still sending out papper statements so how much money are they realy saving.

  • Standard Mail

    I am waiting for my debit card as well, and I called BofA and found out they send it standard mail. This means they have to wait for 200 pieces of mail to go out the same day, and the post office has no specific time frame for these to be delivered and BoA gets to send each mail piece out at about .27c instead of .44c First Class rate. This is why it takes long especially if on the west coast because it is mailed from Georgia. It is BS that they dont mail it first class, standard mail is treated like a red haired step child at the post office, and is easily mis-handled and mis-placed because they dont have any regulations on how long that piece will take to arrive at location mailed too. I know this business well, and BoA is using a loop hole in the USPS to mail these standard….The law staes that if the mail piece is generic in content, and used as marketing/solicitation(junk mail), it can go standard mail, but if unique or specific to person(s) must go first class mail (bills, statements, etc)…They are mailing these almost illegally I believe because they are specific, and have accou8nt numbers on them…BoA again seems to be scammming people to save 50% on mailing cost…..

  • evilkneil

    I sent my claim form in on the 15th. Its now the 25th. By EDD’s own written standards my payment is late. B of A says they sent the card out the23rd. If youve experienced such a delay I urge you to contact the FTC bureau of consumer protection and the comptroller of currency and fill out a formal complaint. If anyone knows of a law firm willing to review these cases post about ’em here. I cant believe they can privatize unemployment without the knowledge or consent of the public.

  • zl19u0

    Bofa told me that they would western union the money to me and it would take 3 to 5 hrs to get a call with the mctn number I called at 4Pm and never heard from anyone so I called back bofa and they said my account is suspended wtf!!! Why wtf happend. I wish I was a lawyer or somebody that can do something about this. I posted a comment on a fb blog that says let’s blow these mf’s up with an overload of work by requesting our cash western union and I will prob get a visit from the fbi.lol ill let you know what happens if you don’t hear from me I’m a gonner.lol prob not funny.

  • edd=garbage

    these noobs sent my debit card on 08/15/10 and its 08/27/10 and nothing EDD IS GARBAGE now im late on everything including eating:( and i cannot get my money until my gay card gets here which by then its already time to certify again and no card yet. EDD and BoA r both GARBAGE i wouldn’t even take a dump on these lame noobs.

  • anonomouse

    No visit from the fbi. If your smart like me then you will fenagle and get your cash sent to you western union before you get your card in the mail. Don’t ask me how I did it you have to be a drug addict to figure it out bassicly it involves a web of lies on your part and stupid reps that don’t know what they can and can’t tell you and you just dive through the holes but you will prob get denied at least 3 times before presto you get your cash. Hahahahahahahahaha where therea a will there’s a way I feel like that guy in james bond that clicks his pen and says I’m invincable without the part of explodeing into peices.

  • anonomouse

    But why the f..k am I so happy about getting my own money only edd and the new world order can pull that off.

  • iLoatheBOA

    Ok, so I hate that there are so many people having to suffer the utterly disgusting incompetence of this sh*tbag bank’s bureaucratic nonsense and being made to feel the humiliation and indignity of “second-class citizen” treatment… but I am also so relieved that I am not alone. I think the camaraderie of our shared experiences/frustration is what has saved what little of my sanity remains following the horrific realization that I had just been screwed – and that (seemingly) I had absolutely no recourse. I am now much more aware of what I, we all, should do when the “soft deadline” for receipt of this plastic noose – that I DIDN’T ask for, or want but am forced to submit to accepting lest I lose the pittance that remains my sole hope of meeting only (most of) my basic needs – has come and gone and I remain penniless. CALL B-o-A and don’t relent. CA EDD has entrusted BoA with the enormous responsibility of providing the unemployed residents of our state with the monies WE ALL, as tax paying citizens, are legally entitled to once our claims have been processed. What was once handled (poorly) in-house has been farmed out to these clowns in the interest of saving money A WELL AS providing better, faster, more reliable access to the bi-weekly benefit that we each are undoubtedly desperate for and dependent on. If your employer fails to issue you your pay check on the day you are supposed to be paid (they cannot simply change pay schedules on you without warning – labor law prohibits employers from abusing the trust of their wage earners) then a quick call to Fair Housing and Employment would likely being swift action to redress. I, as of October, 2009, am technically employed by the CA office of Unemployment insurance – they issue my checks based on the number of hours I DON’T work instead of those that I do, but my “salary” is determined by their office and that money, up until last week, had been issued to me directly by them without major delay/confusion for nearly two years. Bank of America has now been awarded “custody” of my funds by the state, who in their own proud announcement of the switch to debit cards was emphatically enthusiastic about the presumed benefit of expediency for claimants to access their funds with the cards over waiting for checks, and BoA has failed to meet their obligations to me and to the state of California. They are NOT authorized to withhold monies intended for claimants. They are ONLY authorized, and obligated, to process payments on behalf of the state to the claimants in their charge – and just as an employer would not abide a bank they rely on to process direct deposit payroll for employees failing to meet their obligation, we are not required to abide the miserable lies and obfuscations of this mega-bank that appears to already be drunk with the power they believe they wield over those of us they seem to think are too meek, or too feeble to stand up for (or know) our rights.

    Don’t let them off the hook. Call – they are open 24/7 – and don’t let them tell you that you must continue to wait…you do not. It is clear that they had a contingency plan for just such delays in the form of the elusive Western Union payout option,and if you can afford to let go of the $15 fee they charge then do it (it can always be sought later if a suit is filed or EDD forces reimbursement). As for myself I won’t wait one more minute. Maybe I won’t be successful at first, but I’ll be damned if one of my country’s most corrupt financial conglomerates, who benefited from all of my many years of hard labor by way of reduced corporate taxes while I paid hefty percentages every year, and who is in the process of contributing at least another 3,000 souls to the unemployment ranks, will succeed in their villainous attempt to convince me that I have ANY obligation to meet them on their terms. Right now, they work for me – not the other way around.


    I’m an old person also waiting my my damn debit card, starving and getting closer to death…..I smell kickback, including that damn Western Union……

  • Dying in California

    Close to death now, going soon,….still waiting for my debit card. My last smell will be kickback bullsh–t coming from EDD, BofA and Western Union…

  • FED UP!

    I never expected crap like this from Brown. He and his cronies are no better than the losers they replaced in state government. They don’t give a damn about unemployed people. I have now waited nine days for the f…ing debit card and was informed by a nitwit at BofA that I would have to report it stolen and start the whole bull…t process over again if it didn’t come soon. I am fed up with the EDD, BofA, and the whole stupid process. God help anyone who has the misfortune to be out of work now.

  • Extremely Annoyed

    I was one of the “fortune” ones, NOT! To have been transitioned to the Debit Card this week. Yes, that phantom Debit Card that is always in “in the mail” but NEVER arrives (5 days and counting)!!

    I can’t wait another day because I have 2 children to feed so I contacted BofA this morning and requested my money be sent to me via Western Union. The rep was so sympathetic, understanding and patient. She told me I would receive a call from a BofA Supervisor, but if I didn’t receive the call this afternoon to call back and they would have the Control Number that I need to get my funds from Western Union. I never got that call so I called back.








  • Extremely Annoyed



  • Stinky

    Tried to set up the direct deposit from BofA to my bank. This means I have to create an online account with BofA. I’m not a BofA customer and I don’t want them to have my personal info. But I have no choice.

    So I create an account and add my bank info. I click “submit” and BofA’s system is down, has been for several days, and they don’t know when it will be up. They also said I can’t set up the direct deposit over the phone, (despite the info that was sent with the card that said I could do it over the phone).

    So now instead of opening the letter, taking a picture of the check, and having the money deposited into my account, now I have to drive to a BofA ATM, take out $900 in $200 increments, drive to my bank with a lot of cash in my pocket, and deposit 45 $20 bills into my ATM (with no proof that I actually have that much money on me).

    Wow, what a great convenience this is!

  • king_al

    Hey, Wells Fargo’s also getting in on the action. If you withdraw any amount of your EDD benefits from their ATMs, you get taxed $6. $6! WTF is that? I bank with them because BofA and I had beef, but now I see they’re just as happy to kick a dead horse, too.

  • na na na

    uh oh you guys are scaring me. i was informed today that my EDD debit card is in the mail. my check usually comes on Wednesday and it is Friday today… so I might get my money a week or more late??? shiiiit. im dead broke and have sh!t I need before then.

  • BOFA sucks

    This stupid EDD card is shit. I went to BOFA to get money out of the ATM, but there fucking ATM was down. So, I had to go in. After waiting in line for 20 minutes. The rep tells me I can’t withdraw my money from the card INSIDE THE BANK because I am not a BoFA customer. Then the manager comes over and explains to the rep that I can do Cash-Advance BS to get my money out. So, she takes my DL # SSN and bunch of other mumbo jumbo info to get me my $464.00

    I called BoFA to see if they could set up a direct deposit into my chase account, but as usual these scum bags told me they can’t set up a direct deposit because my balance on the card is ZERO… Of course it is zero because I don’t want my money on a card that deals with bank of fucking assholes.

    Now everytime I get a payment on a card. I’ve to either withdraw a bunch of $20.00 from the ATM and put it into my chase account or I’ve to call them everytime EDD uploads money on my bank of fucking A’s card so they can set up direct deposit. Common sense is link the fucking EDD account to my chase account so the funds could transfer within 2-3 days instead of me calling BOFA every other week to transfer my own funds.


    I was with BoFUCKING-A for a year until they started throwing useless or illegal charges on my account. I went to Chase. not that chase is any better, but it’s lesser of the two devils.

    I received my EDD card through BOFA a week later my check is usually sent in the mail. Luckily, I had money saved up or else I would have been out of funds.

  • I Have the same Complaints

    I totally understand your dilemma. I am right there with you. Hopefully things will turn around for you and all of us. However, what BofA deserves a “Bank run” for all it’s Massive layoffs and exploitation of the unemployed California citizens.

    Warren Buffett and the US government have caused this situation by propping up a Bank that should have already become insolvent. I would feel more secure if the EDD would extend Visa card contracts to other banks like Chase or Wells Fargo before BofA goes under.

  • California

    This card was advertised as convenience. I find this cynical and completely wrong! If there is a class action lawsuit I would partecipate. I also would like to be announced:
    – the name of the peiple who made this debit card fraud:
    _ whay exactly B of A has been chosen?
    – how much did this card cost to the taxpayers?
    (of course there is not corruption in our community)

  • amok

    It’s been ten days since i’ve received the EBP notification and still have not received my card. I’ve e-mailed both EDD and Bank of America and have not received a reply. Someone needs to answer for this debacle! How come this isn’t being reported in the news?

  • seymore butts

    It’s sad to hear all these complaints and misfortunes of not having a job…I feel the same way… but my experience hasn’t been that bad. I did receive my EDD card in a timely matter within the 10 days they advised on the letter I was so relieved to know I didn’t have to worry about my check having to arrive at a neighbors house and them not giving it to me (yea I got neighbors like that and a unreliable mail man) now I just check online like a drug addict to see if my money was deposited. I bank with B of A and have a checking account just because chase and wells fargo and any other bank in my area had put restrictions where I had to have either $500 a month direct deposit total or $1,000 in the bank at the end of each month and that was shady enough for me to make the switch….now with B of A I get free checking even though their transaction processing is shady also so I learned to keep my own records by hand and save each receipt this helps avoid overdraft fees. In the other hand EDD has been also shady when you change from one tier to another, they only send you one weeks claim for confirmation that you still need EDD…DUH, I’M NOT WINNING!!!! but now I learned to save up some money prior to my tier ending so I don’t get screwed at the time of switching tiers…The only real problem for me is when I transfer funds from my B of A EDD card to my B of A checking…..it still takes the 3 business days that they have all over the transfer page…why couldn’t it be instant??? or at least the same day if its in the same bank (need to transfer because all my auto payments are on the B of A Checking account)….that really annoys me but oh well i’m trying to keep my stress to a minimum so when I really need the money I just go to the drive thru ATM and withdraw then deposit on the same ATM so I guess its alright.

  • amok

    UPDATE: After two weeks of waiting- still no card. So, I called B of A again today and asked them to issue me a new one. I also asked them to wire me the two pay period’s worth of cash in my account. The customer service rep I spoke to said that this was impossible to which I replied that other EDD clients were having it done. Well, after putting me on hold for a lengthy period of time to confirm my claim with her supervisor– she finally said it’s ok after all BUT it will take 8 hours and would cost me $15 dollars to get my cash!

    How ,for heaven’s sake, can EDD claim THIS as being convenient?!! HOW?!!

  • fail

    i was notified the debit card was coming in july.. i recieved no more notifications..and boom my normal wed check was not there . i called edd they say to call bofa.. bofa says its 10 days to mail it from georgia to cali… looks like im stuck with no rent money no gas no food…

    oatmeal it is.. oatmeal it is ..


  • Hawaii50

    It is a nightmare isn’t it. I’m still trying to get my balance transferred to my bank–a requested Recurring Transfer I made online on September 14h…but BofA hasn’t expedited. I am beyond fed up and I vote!

  • Anon

    Do the unemployed people have the same CIVIL rights as any other Americans? It seems like the answer is NO,, at least in the state of CALIFORNIA. This is the issue that has to be brought to the Attorney General Office, President Obama and any other institutions.
    EVERYONE AMERICAN HAS THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE THE BANK FOR HIS/HER MONEY. EDD disobeyed this right to 2,000,000 unemployed in CA, and put them with PRIVATE BANK (BofA) WITHOUT THIER CONSENT!!!!!! Also the private information of 2,000,000 unemployed has been provided to BofA WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT. Is this legal?

    • mutosheep

      Actually, it’s EMPLOYED people and employers who are being violated. Some intellectual mastermind socialist liberal Democrats decided that Americans couldn’t be trusted to invest in unemployment insurance of our choosing and that lobbyists in D.C. should get another cut of our money. You gave your consent when you shouted “si, se puede” and voted Jerry Brown for his illegal 3rd term

  • thissucks

    Well i received my card, 7 days later than expected. I called to activate it and the number says they are experiencing technical difficulties and it hangs up on you every time! Cant even get on the B or A site thru the web address given by edd. Had to go on BofA site and do a search, then got to the ‘activate my card link’.. but it freezes at step 3. So much for getting a pin! Cant get a pin, cant call and check balance, im sure ill get heck when i go into the bank. Great

  • Zo

    I had many of these same issues when I finally got my card. The nearest BofA is forty miles from my house and the thought of dealing with that bank makes me sick to my stomach. The first time I got my money, I did it through a cash advance at my bank and that did work and was no charge to me, but it took a long time and a lot of work for the teller. I found that the easiest and free way to do it is to go to Safeway, buy a pack of gum or what ever and get cash back. You can do at least 300.00 cash back in a transaction. Probably most grocery stores will do the same thing. The worst that happed is that the cashier didn’t have enough cash in her drawer and had to call for some more. Easy and no fees, then I just deposit the cash into my bank.The only way to go for me.

  • I’m curious. On EDD’s website it clearly states: “EDD will continue to mail checks to UI claimants until they receive their debit card.”

    I received the letter stating that I’m being switched to the debit card on 9/29 and have not received it yet. They put 2 payments on that debit card already, yet the above is what is clearly stated on their website. Isn’t that illegal?

  • wtf annoyed

    I wake up and check my edd debit account balance on the BofA debit website and it says i got my money in the account today, then i try to withdraw with my edd debit card at the local BofA, and the ATM says “temporarily unavailabe.” I’m like “fuckin piece of shit” and then I go inside and they say that the EDD system is down so I can’t withdraw my cash (which I need to fuckin’ deposit into my other account to pay my bills online that are due today!). Now I’m gonna get charged these stupid ass late fees which I can barely afford. This shit is so unreliable!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  • pherz

    First of all since you’re dealing with the poorest segment of capitalist consumers it makes no sense that banks are exacting fees on these people simply to hedge a little profit all while disregarding whether their greedy behavior leads to widespread protests (like today), increased poverty and hardship, mass complaints, class action suits, etc.

    With all that said, I too experienced the weeks delay hiccup getting onto Bofa, a company I’ve despised long before unemployment due primarily to insufficient funds nonsense primarily. However I must say once you’re up and paid, you’re set.. money gets to you guicker (via Web-cert @ CA EDD) and once its there you can go down to any Bofa and withdraw it all at once (in about 2 minutes at an ATM). They don’t limit how much you can take out.. maybe they do in the hundreds of dollars per ATM session, but no limit$ are imposed per day. Once you have your cash simply take it to a low-risk/no-fee/non-big four banks that often offer competitive checking accounts that far outshine Chase, Bofa, Wells’, etc options.

  • congressive

    Nobody’s listening. You are all farting in the wind.

    BofA is a self-admitted criminal enterprise,and you are now supporting them through the use of this card.

    The gibberish statement that this makes it easier for those without checking accounts is laughable. If you are making a claim, you’ve been recently employed and have a checking account. This isn’t welfare. You can’t make a claim unless you are responsible enough to hold down a job for a long period of time.

    666 is upon us, and the beasts are the “too big to fail” banks, without whom you can no longer conduct any commerce.

    And nothing will change until somebody dies of starvation, or lack of meds. And even then, there’ll be an investigation, and nothing will change.

  • alisa

    My horror story beats all yours. My card was supposed to come on Oct 6. After it was a week late, I called the bank. They told me to wait a bit more. I called on the 22, after I did not recve my second payment. I was advised to request a new card. When it arrived today, I went to activate it, and was informed that I have 3 dollars and 20 cents on the account. The representative explained that someone stole my card and took the money out. I was terrified, because that meant they have my SSN as well (how else would they activate it). Upon investigation, it was found that the representative that issued a replacement ACTIVATED the stolen card… The thief made out with 1800, which I doubt I will ever see again.

  • Eugene Debs

    Two quick points
    First, open an account with a local bank, or one that gives you a better deal than Bank of America, and than have your E.D.D fund direct-deposited into that account. Put your B of A card under your bed or in a drawer and DO NOT USE IT under any circumstances. Even if you have to jump through some hoops to get the direct deposit, do not go into a B of A, use one of their A.T.M’s or in any way patronize their business. If you have a B of A account already, shut it down and switch to another bank.
    Second, anyone receiving unemployment benefits is most likely not working. Use the extra time you have to be politically active. Call your elected representatives and ask them why the government of the state of California has merged with a private bank. Find a political organization that you think will work against corporate entitlement and volunteer your time with them. Go to a protest, hold a sign and make some noise. If you do not take action, you have no one but yourself to blame when things like this happen.

  • greed part2

    I have experienced and agree with nearly all the posts here….the whole: “getting the money WE paid to the state over many years (40+ from me) of hard work (without filing one unemployment or disability claim previous my current claim) has been….well…awful….to say the least.
    However (unless i missed a previous post addressing this…), even after you start receiving “scheduled payments”…they have devised a way to profit off you.
    ***sorry ran out of space…to be continued…

  • greed part2

    Part 2…
    Example: They pay for “every day even weekends”…if your due $50 per day….one might think in any given month you could expect to get 30 times that amount ($1500)…and budget accordingly…well…they pay “every 14 days”…which means you will never receive more than 28 days of funding in any month…(actually it averages a shortness of ’round 3 days…per month…$150 short…)…My bills are due every month…. not every two “14 day periods”….thanx EDD…Glad somebody is making money on our money…Im sure my creditors will understand why they only get 28 days worth of car payment and 28 days of mortgage….What possible reason would you hold back 2-3 + days of OUR money?…GREED.

  • It could take 3 weeks for your card to arrive. Don’t wait.

    Here’s my advice after I waited 15 days (!!!!!!!!) to receive my card- Call after 5 days and demand them to send the money via Western Union (it will cost YOU $15 taken out of your EDD payment, but after late fees start piling up, it’s worth it). Call early in the morning because it takes 3-5 hours for the money to be wired to Western Union.

    I had them send my money via Western Union on the 10th day and my original card FINALLY showed up on the 15th day!! (They promised 5).

    I say DON’T wait and don’t listen the Bank of America customer service representatives… DEMAND western union until you get your money THAT day: They are open 24/7 @ 866.692.9374

  • fuckthegovernment

    so in cali im looking to wait what? ten days? fifteen? they promised 5, i fucking hate the government && BOFA as well, almost just as much, dont care who the fuck reads it, we’re all being fucked. daily, weekly, monthly. through EVERYTHING, taxes, laws, “protocols” and unfortunately people, this only continues, because people dont do shit about it. we can call as much as we want, unfortunately, someones getting paid to turn us down. period.

  • morewaiting

    now there is another problem. no explanation why, but there is some “glitch” in the system that made everything 1 to 2 weeks behind so people in certain zip codes didn’t get their money for several weeks. These are people that have been filing for awhile and are getting deposits regularly. Are they going to catch people up so they can pay their bills? NO is the answer, it will just be tacked on to the end of their claim. They don’t care what you do in the meantime. Just don’t eat so you can pay the PG&E or rent.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t had groceries in a week because of this

  • melody

    same here. i called last week multiple times and the lady kept telling me it would come in the mail. finally i emailed edd on sunday night and wrote down the specific weeks that i was missing. they failed to send me my continued claim from for 2 weeks (oct 30-nov 12). got a response from edd within 24 hours and they wrote back and said they mailed me the form. its true because i just checked web certification and was able to submit (fill out the continued claim form) “web cerfication” online. if you’re having trouble getting through email them and be polite. that’s what i did…i figure if i sound polite and desperate (which i am with a dollar in a my pocket and no food) they would respond and they did. good luck guys.

  • Anonymous


    I just created a petition entitled California Employment Development Department: Stop using B of A debit cards as a way to distribute unemployment benefits, because I care deeply about this very important issue.

    I’m trying to collect 100 signatures, and I could really use your help.

    To read more about what I’m trying to do and to sign my petition, click here:

    It’ll just take a minute!

    Once you’re done, please ask your friends to sign the petition as well. Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread the word!

  • Anonymous

    OMG…I’ve been unemployed now for a month. Just got the letter stating my edd debit card should be here from 5 business days from 12/23/11. Called BANK OF ASSHOLES.. they just sent the card out yesterday 12/28/11. Which means with the holiday on January 2, 2011…I’ll be lucky if I see the damn thing by the end of the next week. Just love how they don’t send it first class mail…and send it from Georgia…why not Maine its farther??
    If it weren’t for the fact that I had 11 days of vacation time racked up when I was fired…I would be starving.
    It pisses me off no end that BOA is making money as I write this.. off my money. The state of California is so screwed up…can’t wait till leave this dump. For the record I have already called one of my “elected representatives”….I will be calling more and writing (hey I’m unemployed with time on my hands)…..

  • they don’t give a fuck

    I got laid off RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS because some stupid bitches “didn’t like me “at work (I was a temp at this fucked up company called BLOMMERS CHOCOLATES and was working at least 60 hours a week doing things that very few people would even consider doing….and they still got rid of me because these ignorant bitches were jealous of me working overtime and not kissing their nasty asses like everybody else)Now this is just the beginning of my nightmare!!!!!I file for unemployment on the first of January to get a bigger award instead of filing earlier on the 21st…….IT has now BEEN OVER A MONTH since I got laid off and I haven’t seen shit in the way of a debit card OR check…I am down to a fucking can of tuna and ready to explode because I NOW REALIZE that EDD COULD GIVE A FUCK ABOUT MY LIFE….My woman died last year from cancer….I AM REALLY WONDERING JUST HOW MUCH WORSE CAN MY SITUATION GET????????????????I …CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME…..THIS TYPE OF SHIT IS WHY PEOPLE SNAP…………..

  • 3lmommy

    My husband filed his claim 12-16-11. After 3 weeks we called cause we heard nothing and they said they didnt have the claim, luckily I had the conf # he gave them that and oh ya they had it. Finally “processed” it and sent out the weekly form, wait 2 weeks and instead of a check (they hadnt mentioned a card) we get a letter that they could not verify his identity… wtf??? so now we are over a month out he calls, gets a fax number to send the info, calls 2 days later, of course they dont have it. Oops they gave him the wrong fax number resend (I had already mailed the hard copies). Find out yesterday they processed the identity part, found out today now there is an issue with his wages. WTFF is wrong with this state?!?! Finally talks to someone that makes sure things were processed and find out about this B of A card?!?! what the hell was the state thinking getting into bed with fricken B of A?!?! I cant believe it. I hate this damn state!

  • Kevin

    I got my card and activated it there was 458.00 on it. I thought yes I can pay everything I needed to to get me by. Received my claim form for the next two weeks and mailed it off. Nothing has been put on my card since. This was January 18th, 2012 it is now February 14, 2012. Has anyone else ran into this issue?

  • Mark

    had the same experience as 3lmommy AND kevin above…three years to go, and I leave California…can’t wait…this place sucks ass.

  • jumpman

     It has been two business weeks since I have received a deposit payment from EDD . I am starting to get a. pissed and b. worried (in that order).

  • Rhanson

    edd told me BofA sent my card the 29th of FEB  so i called BofA march 12th and they said “it was mailed march 2nd”  still no card on the 14th  going to give it one more day. I just hope i can do a direct deposit and avoid any other issues

  • Morgan

    To avoid these problems, transfer your funds to your private account. What people are not figuring out is here in 2012 when we can electronically transfer money instantly, why does it take 1-2 days for BofA to do this? They invest and use your money during the process, meanwhile you wait for your money. This came from and ex employee I spoke with.

    • abc

      Yep, setup a recurring automatic transfer. Money gets loaded Monday night, and is transferred via an ACH (that’s the Federal Reserve’s Automated Clearing House) transfer to your checking account. Mine shows up on Tuesday morning as Available Funds immediately. (ex-banker myself)

  • lizzypoo

    I waited over a month for information on my claim.. all I wanted to know was that they received everything via mail since I hadn’t recieved any benenfits.. I called several times and all I got was a recorded message telling me there were too many calls and to call again another day, then hung up on me. I emailed 4 emails and nothing.. finally I called our local ONE-STOP and they EDD person there gave me information right away. We literally spoke for  3 minutes and everything got resolved. PLEASE CHECK OUT YOUR LOCAL ONE STOP EDD agent it is soooo much quicker..

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