• wtf!!??

    Your idiocy is more worrisome…

  • GBO

    why even be mean? The person is asking a question because they are unaware. which is what this site is for…

    To answer your question I’m in tier 2 and also got this letter with my remaining balance being shown. Everyone has gotten this pretty much and you should get a claim form for the week ending 13th. So you should be able to telecert, webcert or send it in the mail for the week ending the 13th for 2 weeks. The mail is a bit back logged which is why a lot of us are just getting this letter.

  • Sensible

    You’ll still collect your remaining balance. The program was interrupted however an agreement was made continuing benefits. Keep in mind, there are no further extensions after 4. Good luck.

  • Betty says pay attention

    i am so sick of this stupid question asked every fucking day on here. GO TO THE EDD website. it addresses this issue you fucktards. There is plenty of information all over the mother fucking place to answer this question unless you need dancing puppets to get it through your fat heads. It’s even mentioned when you call the regular phone number. What the hell else do you need? my honest opinion is that some of the unemployed aren’t working because they are to stupid to find their place of mother fucking employment every day. This question needs to be banned or if you ask it a horn should go off and you should lose your extension for being this stupid. My honest opinion is your to stupid to find information on the internet and to scared to call EDD or email them for fear you will lose your money so you sit around walking in a circle chanting what do i do? Grow up and unless you are living under a rock the answer to this stupid question was answered within 24 hours of the new extensions.

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      You don’t need to be on here if u no everything ,b****

      • Betty says grow up

        Grow up. I have helped hundreds of people who ask legit questions on this site. I’m sick of this question as it’s been answered way too many times not to be done with it. Someone like you needs me here to help you when your concerns are legit and there is nothing in the archives that cover it. I can potential ease your stress and walk you step by step through your situation. This current question is dead.

        • Bet ur a old bitch

          That’s where u need to be ,if u don’t like the fucken ? ,then don’t answer it bitch ,easy as that people don’t need to hear your shit ,thats why we got finkelstein fart ,stupit bitch,hood rat go sell your pussy

          • Betty says grow up.

            if you are “hearing” anything from a typed message on a board then you need to run to the hospital. I’ll answer every question and in the process it it’s been regurgitated too many times by some simpleton you can bet finally the question will be filed under dead end. And we can focus on other issues of concern.

    • DJS

      It’s “too” Betty. Two “o’s” in that too. Not one “o” like “to.” Obviously you didn’t pay too much attention in school to get this basic English grammar rule. Ignorance and foul mouthed drivel is not what we need more of these days, regurgitate your thoughts somewhere else. Hmmm, let me guess, you wear a stylish hat with tea bags dangling from the rim…

  • Chelsea

    what a cruel person you are betty. hateful. received the same letter I am not worried. Try not to stress.

    • Betty says give me a break

      Cruel? you’ve got to be kidding me? it scares the hell out of me how pathetic adults are. The real reason so many are coming to this board asking this question is because they are too scared to connect with EDD for fear it will some how earmark their claim. We cannot validate if this person has put any personal effort into finding their own answer. Had they even checked out EDD’s website or facebook this is covered. They want to be coddled and assured by other strangers that they still get their handout without having to step out of their safe zone and go find the answer. And from one adult to another i’m confused why there is any stress over these continued new extensions. Allegedly the one who was already getting extensions embraced the well was dry after the 29th so there had better be some resource set in place to cover their debts. But low and behold the second the next extensions get approved it’s the same crap. Where’s my money? Bills are due? So everyone sat back knowing they were still going to get more money? it amazes me how fake people are acting as if they can’t find an answer when what they want is a short cut to avoid communicating with EDD or how fake this whole bills are due help me crap when they’ve known they were being cut off for quite some time. Cruel is sitting back and allowing some stranger to play this routine.

      • Honky

        Betty ,hope your mothers dead b****

        • Betty says grown up

          Honky, I hope both your parents are alive and healthy

      • .



      • Fart Finkelstein

        perhaps people would like you more if you didn’t write so much and KISS. I get angry when I read your posts, but just because they’re so long. I don’t even remember what I’ve read once I’m done…. just angry for reading it.

        • Convoluted

          Agreed. Betty is like a politician. She sure says a lot but there’s no there there. All mind numbing fluff…


    I must agree with Betty. The fact morons continue to ask this question time and time again everyday goes to show that these individuals are lazy bums who give the unemployed a bad name. It is very hard to help folks who can’t do the most basic research themselves. The scary part is that these people were even employed. Who’d hire these imbeciles?

  • betty says hello

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    • Shut it down

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    • Fart Finkelstein

      not sure what you are saying but I approve the inventive phrase “shit needles out your dick”… “biiiiiiiitch”

  • Renee (the first Renee)

    Recall the HOLIDAYS back up the mail SO EVERYONE is getting this letter. If you read the EDD website it clearly states they have to MANUALLY go and open up the claims. I got the same letter. If you want to know when to telecert (because most people have not got their claim forms) simply CALL TELECERT and it will tell you your calling to early and will tell you when you can cert. I am sorry but I agree with most of the post…some of this is basic common sense that can be done with simple research. If you READ the EDD website the info is on there and it does not take much to simple call the telecert line and find out basic information for yourself. I do understand that some questions on here people really dont know or need help, but come on people use your brains.

    • just the facts

      Even though you act like a bitch and a major pain in the ass most of the time, this time you’re (not your) right on.

      • Renee (the first Renee)


    • “Renee fuc Betty “

      Renee ,I think that’s why they have this site ,bitch hope your mothers dead ,shit stain

      • Renee (the first Renee)

        Thanks the same too you ­čÖé

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