EDD Motivation

November 20, 2017 · 1 comment

in Pissed!

Thank you EDD for motivating me. I reported my driver job earnings of 1 day. It was around $100. EDD and their infinite motivational wisdom, reduced my benefits by $76 dollars from the $230 I was supposed to get. I got to keep $184 dollars. Well, I’m feeling motivated to do something else, like not working at all. I’ll drag this sucking benefit for the duration. I go into eviction mode with the over priced apartment I’m renting for about 6 months or more. (Sorry Landlord, this not by choice). you what this is going to go well for me. Thanks EDD for sucking.

  • This is why people don’t take part time work or one day work when on EDD. You make more on EDD than working part time.

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