• edd mother

    Since my son’s living at home it sucks because, it’s pretty much all his money. For someone out there supporting themselves completely this would be a disaster. The $5600 could easily turn into $10000 with the $500+ interest a year.

  • Anonymous

    thanks for posting this. i am sorry that your son and yourself have to deal with this. edd is a horrible institution and the way they distribute benefits is ridiculous. i reported a small amount of income in 2010 when i was collecting on an extension tier- they paused my benefits because they decided that i was running my own business, total b.s. i took a small typing job that i did from home. anyway i figured they cut me off for good and started a job that i made 1500 total in 6 months. when the job ended i called edd to set up a claim, but the employer had not reported my wages. they put me back on my old extension at 450 a week. well some six months later the employer reported the wages and it would have been 62 dollars a week. i am still owed a tier at 450 a week and now edd is saying that they overpaid me 5,000 dollars. they have admitted this is their fault but since you can never get a straight answer and every time you call someone tells you something different. i am in complete hell. they have sent me claim forms to balance out the 5,000 (since it is their fault) but when i called to check some rude woman at the overpayment department apparantley was not aware of this and started talking to me like i was committing a crime or something. they still owe me 2700 dollars which is being held up forever because of this, and from what i can tell from all the mixed up paperwork they are sending me it looks like they are trying to move the 2700 to the alleged 5,000 i owe so their books can be balanced and they won’t have to report their mistake. at this point i have given up on ever getting a payment, but when all the dust settles i am going to file complaints against them and make sure i get the 2700. it is a matter of principle at this point and i can’t stand it! good luck with everything, fight them if you have to, they are evil!

  • Anonymous

    EDD punishes people for working!


      Absolutely true!! The first way they punish you is that you have to mail the paper form instead of going by webcert or telecert. And it takes two to three times longer to get your check. Then if it was just a temp gig, they get all panicky about the reason you left. IT WAS A TEMP GIG. They are like a robot where TEMP GIG does not compute. They can only understand regular work.
      WELL SORRY THERE IS NO REGULAR WORK. They can hold up your check to call to ask you what happened with your temp gig. IT WAS A TEMP GIG, DANG. Don’t they understand the concept of temporary work? Or maybe they don’t know the defintion of temporary?
      And have you noticed how there is only ONE LINE to write down jobs you may have worked? One line for each possible job PER WEEK. So if you work two temp gigs in one week, then you enter the amount of money made (you can combine them). Then there is no place to list both employers in the same week. The other possible issue is that since you might have to combine earnings from two different gigs in one week…..guess what? At some point some one is going to say “hey this amount of money does not match any ONE of these employers. I bet you any amount of money that some have run into this.
      This is because the concept of temp work is totally foreign to EDD. There is no place for it on the form. And no matter what you put in the box “reason for leaving” it is going to be wrong, because you did not leave….you were not fired…..you were not laid off…..you were not let go.

      • Hi, Kate! Good you’re here


        I have scrawled my temp gig job info in the past and sat and pondered for far longer than needed on how to combine earnings and what to write for reason I’m not working.

  • Blackwidow5

    EDD said my huband was over paid $900 in 2010.  He paid them back withing 4 weeks. Then in 2011  he got a job. EDD started garnishing his wages at $257.00 a week plus $70 a week from his perdium. We didn’t notice untill 4 weeks ago. He called and they faxed a stop garnishment to his company. for 2 more  weeks they have still garnished his wages. They now say his case is in refund status which will take 12 weeks to get his money back. Why will it take 12 weeks to get back money they stole from him. This week they again garnished his wages….It never stops! Even when they have sent a stop garnishment notice they are still stealing his money. EDD is a mess. Most of those people that you talk to on the phone are rude and no help. One lady just hung the phone up on him when he said he had a question she said ” Your in refund status, you don’t need to know anything else” and hung the phone up.

  • aikane92121

    The California EDD does need a law suite against them for fraud! I moved out of state 13 years ago. While I lived in California though, I claimed unemployment a few times. I worked, but my job was not steady (reason I moved). Anyway, seven years after I left California I received a letter stating I owed over $1200 in over payment to the California EDD. They had already made a judgement against me and included penalties. This was shocking because I know I filled out the forms correctly everytime. I called them to see what this was about.

    They said it took them five years because they didn’t have my correct address. OK… I put in a change of address everytime I moved and no one else seemed to have a problem including being summoned for jury duty….. They give me a new phone hearing date and drop the fees for no payment. I am given time to determine dates of employment. I had to call places of employment to get timesheets. One place I worked at had closed all locations in the US except one on the east coast. They did not have a customer service phone number and it was automatic phone call hell! After trying every option possible, I finally talked to one live person who was willing to help me track down the person I needed to talk to.

    After a couple of months, I presented my case to mediator/attorney/EDD thug. I was able to find all but two of my time entries and prove that I filed my EDD paperwork right including the fact that I was no longer at a job a month past what the EDD accused me of. So instead of owing $1200, I only owed about $149 for the entries I could not find. I was told the California EDD would have to adjust the amount owed and send me a bill.

    I called the EDD a couple of months after the dust settled and the nice lady I spoke to said ignore the bills they are sending and wait until they adjust the amount. It has been 13 years and I am still waiting! I refuse to call them again or do anything to help them. I should not even owe the amount they accuse me of so why should I? If anyone else out there gets accused of this, fight it!

    • Owen Moore

      The same situation happened to me, I moved and never received notices. I only found out about this “debt” because the offset my federal tax refund, I called EDD and got nowhere, according to them I was overpaid $300+ in 2003, which I was but it was their fault. They took this out of my checks so I repaid it, or so I thought. ( I collected UI in 2009, with no mention of this old debt BTW) That $300+ has morphed into a lovely $5800 with interest and penalties. I can not appeal because of how old the debt is. Yes, I feel like I am in a debtor’s prison of sorts. I make less than $10,000 a year, how can I pay this back? I don’t have any of the paperwork from 2003 to back me up. I only save files for 10 years! Yes, unemployment claims are loans, not benefits. They are sharks and they will get you eventually. I should quit working and go on SSI instead so they can’t touch it. I’m surprised they haven’t garnished my wages! Evil in a league with Satan!

  • Renee (the first Renee)

    You are soooo right thats why I rode the extensions so long. I have seen and heard when temp jobs go wrong and mess up your benefits. I had a friend take a temp job and he did not like it and quit. Will the EDD would not give him back his benefits because he quit. My advice is to stay on unemployment until you find the right job. Keep doing your job search etc but do not tell the EDD you have turned down work. I have 3 degrees and I did turn down jobs that I knew I would not like or I was not sure about. It is never a good idea to give up your unemployment for a temp job. I hate temp jobs and I refuse to take them. As a temp you HAVE LIMITED TO NO RIGHTS and the company can bring you on and show your to the door whenever they feel like it or treat you like crap. Temp jobs offer money you CANNOT count on.

  • Renee (the first Renee)

    Also if you do take a temp job YOU MUST REPORT THOSE WAGES. It sounds as if your son was collecting and was not reporting those wages which is a huge mistake. If he had of reported those wages it would not have went so bad and since the job only lasted 2 weeks if he was let go then the EDD would have gave him his money back. Sometimes people take jobs and wont report because they are using the unemployment to help play catch up which I totally get but this can and will come back to bite you. It sounds as if your son was playing both hands and the EDD gave him a royal smack down.

  • Scottman

    I’m dealing with the same thing. Went to a CUIAB hearing and the ALJ was a horrid wench. If anyone else has had issues with the Inglewood CUIAB office please share your story. I’m going to try and write to Governor Brown to find out how to have her and them investigated as I pay back $5000 for doing nothing wrong!! They are in the job of screwing people over. She didn’t believe a letter from my DR stating I could work!! She refused to call him during the hearing when I asked her to call. Said I should have made arrangements for him to be there. Really?! WOW I guess I’m supposed to be psychic and know in advance she wasn’t going to believe a signed letter from him. The 2nd level appeal is a JOKE. You will never win and all they do is process those through as fast as they can so they look good to the Labor board in DC. Then they expect you to go to Superior Court and that costs thousands more!! They really have an iron clad system and no one ever investigates what these agencies are doing. I don’t care what anyone says CUIAB and EDD are both working together to screw innocent people over!! They are the biggest SCAM going in CA!!

  • Frustrated beyond…

    Agreed, EDD and the state of California are con artist…state government is in ruins, so they are grabbing at anything in hopes of digging themselves out of the hole they placed themselves in. Just received a notice of over payment from EDD, mind that it’s now 2014 and I haven’t collected benefits from them since about mid 2012. Adding to that, I haven’t been a resident of California for over a year now. The notice is to take the funds from my tax return if I don’t pay them within 60 days from the date of the notice. Anyway, there is no information detailing the time frame in question that the over payment was made. It goes on to say that I must submit evidence that the debt is not owed and they will decide if it’s valid and if the debt still stands. Really? Now I’ve got to call them, yeah…that’s if I can get through all the automated crap and who knows how long before talking to a real person and id they’ll give up the information.

  • Mike

    The same thing happened to me when i was laid off in 2009. I got a temp job and didn’t know i need to report those wages and now they have been taking the money out of my paycheck since the start of 2015. Now that i’ve paid off all but 80 dollars (i did owe 2275) my balance hasn’t been updated in there system so now there stealing my money. I’m still dealing with my debt from when i was unemployed for 2 years and this garnishment is killing me. I have enough money to pay rent and my car payment and that’s it. I don’t have any money for a lawyer so they just continue to take advantage and run me in circles when i call them. I was told if they do take more then what i owe i was get the money back in 3-4 weeks. Why is it that i have to wait 3-4 weeks to get back the money that you stole from me? EDD is a joke and the department shouldn’t be around anymore. I’ll never ever use the EDD ever i’d rather sleep on the street.

  • Mike

    I don’t know what needs to be done about the EDD but we the people need to act. Everyone whos had a bad experiance with the EDD needs to come on this website and tell there story. Maybe we can contact a news agency in CA and see if they will do a story about the how the EDD is ruining hard working peoples lives just because they can!

  • Lorr

    I got a debt set off for what they say is an overpayment 13 years ago and they said they sent me a letter 3 years after the fact and I was already a resident of another state. now im waiting for my phone appeal judge to call me back. they already took my tax return im going to fight them at least to remove the penalty.

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