• JT

    Yup me too, should have received my payment yesterday but nothing. Hopefully it’ll appear soon.

  • just a girl

    are you talking about state disability or unemployment?

  • j

    I haven’t recieved my payment this week what’s going on with the delay is it just me or did anyone else not get paid this week?

  • JT

    Unemployment benefit as of today still hasn’t arrived!

  • j

    I’m on same boat I called b of a and no money I don’t know what’s going on

  • L

    I’ve found that if you want to get through on the EDD lines a couple of things work. 1) call the Chinese or Vietnamese lines (Remember the sequence of #’s you pressed for the English line)–2) When calling press the number that asks if you want to have a change of address. I’ve gotten through right away using both.

    Good luck.

  • j

    Why are they not paying us

  • T

    Same here I have’nt been paid ,it should have been in my account on Thursday the 15th now what, any ideas out there

  • JT

    Today I received a letter saying that they’ve scheduled a phone interview with me for 12/21 to confirm eligibility for continued future payments. So I guess I have to wait until 12/21….sucks. Why would they do this right before Christmas?

  • j

    I don’t what’s.up man bullsgit

  • vp

    Just wondering if you ever recieved your benefit (continued claim form mailed 12/5/11). I mailed my continued claim form on 12/11/11 and haven’t recieved anything yet. No notices from the EDD either?

  • T

    Thats the same situation I’m in, same dates. I have’nt heard anything.I’m completly broke, credit cards maxxed out rent is late. I have tried calling and cant get through.I just did a Telecert as backup in case it was lost in the mail. They say not to do both but what else can you do at least that should cover the chance that it was lost in the mail. Its already late. It makes you wonder if they are cutting you off. Get a jail cell or coffin ready for me if thats the case.

  • T

    I got paid ,not sure if the telecert did it but thats how I’m doing from now on ,the post office could lose your form and you wont even know it. Good Luck

  • vp

    T, I’m glad you got your benefit. Turns out I didn’t fill in one spot on the continued claim form and recieved a duplicate form to refile, so my benefit will be late because of my error. Cautionary tale to warn everyone to double check your continued claim form before mailing. 🙂

  • Babycakes

    Just went to BofA today 6/19/2012 to withdrawl benefits and was declined.  EDD did not deposit any funds for the latest period.  WHY?  I sent my form as i do every two weeks.  I can’t get on the phone with a live person.  Automated lines do not detail as to why i have no funds.  It just tells me I have no funds (Um. Duh.) I also just emailed them through the EDD website. 

  • deeceefame

    im on the same boat right now, its almost the 10 days from the time i sent in my bi weekly form and no response from edd. how many days did it take for you guys to receive your pay on your card? im worried 🙁 i got bills to pay and not much money left

    • mike hunt

      get a job

  • Gp

    I haven’t been paid in over 3 weeks, and i’ve been sending emails, and no response they have absolutely no customer service, if i screwed up at least tell me i screwed up instead of just stopping the only way i can pay my bills and take care of my newborn

  • Eric

    I haven’t received my edd deposit either. One month now. I checked on SDI online, they got my form but for some reason they’re just not paying anyone right now?

  • Phil

    I’ve been sending in my form online for the last few months. It was going perfectly until 1/19/13. I can’t get a response online through AskEDD or over the phone.

    I wish I spoke Vietnamese since that’s the phone line that seems to work but the girl who picked up just transferred me to a line that hung up on me.

  • R.J

    I’d be up bright and early tomorrow morning calling the Gov’s office and explaining your payments are very delinquent and you need their help. Tell them you’ve tried opening up a line of communication to EDD but no response. The labor dept will get you a connection and callback but you’ve got to be by that phone for the callback. After you do that try calling the regular EDD number again and pressing 5110 after the presidents recording. You may or may not get through. Hopefully you’ve printed a copy of every claim you certified for so that if they suggest you filled something out wrong you can state you have the copy and no you did not. Why would anyone wait a month for no payment and not start even hitting the pavement and heading over to a one stop for help. most have EDD reps there. They won’t have the answer as to why there is a delay but you can look them dead in the eye and tell them.. HELP ME find out what the hell is going on.

  • Chris

    EDD are a bunch of lazy ass people. I have a relative that works for EDD and she tells me that they sleep on the job and don’t answer calls. super lazy employees kind of sad that they can get away with that and still get paid.

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