EDD sent email saying to certify but home page on UI Online says disqualified?

May 7, 2017 · 16 comments

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EDD sent me an email saying I can now certify for last 2 weeks. I did so, and then noticed that the home page on UI Online says “disqualified ” next to the 2 weeks I had just been requested to certify for. Does anyone else have this problem? Will the certification and proof of looking for work for the past 2 weeks, override the disqualification message? HELP

  • DudeSeriously

    Did you just open the claim and just have the interview? Do you know if you were approved? I have the same thing happen right now? I just had my interview this past Tuesday. The MDW is here so I won’t know anything till Wednesday when the next update is. Did you find anything out? Does that mean were disqualified?

    • what happened? Same thing happened to me?

    • Jordan Boggs

      I have yet to receive word of my phone interview, but ui online just went from pending ti disqualified should i start streesing more?

  • caroll

    I am having the same issue and lack the patience to find out over the next few days what is going on? Did you end up getting the funds approved. Hoping yes.

    • jjramir

      Were you able to qualify?

  • jjramir

    I’m having the same issue ! Have not yet received if I have even qualified or approved. Having really bad anxiety just thinking about it and waiting for something to come in the mail.

    • any update? what happened. Currently on same thing.

      • jjramir

        Yes I was not approved even if they send you another claim in the mail. My interview was horrible didn’t have the right things ready or dates etc. After the interview you will receive a letter in the mail telling you the results mine took about 2 weeks.

        • I got an email telling me to go online and certify. I did that. On the status section it reads disqualified. It has me disqualified for all 6 weeks I certified. I certified for 6 weeks at once because I had been waiting for weeks. I don’t get it. I still haven’t got an interview. Will I be getting a interview?

          • Shelly

            Did you get your benefits? Mine says that and I just had my interview today

          • Yes, I called the Monday following Thanksgiving. Apparently it was an error on their part. A clerk at EDD had punch in the wrong info and it was disqualifying me automatically. When I called I explained to them how I had got an award letter and all. At first the clerk I spoke with said I had to apply again, then I explained everything in detail. He then put me on hold and talked to me in 5 minutes. After about 5 minutes the clerk said it was an error on the system. He fixed the error and said I was going to get my Bank of America debit card in a couple days. I called Monday and got it that Saturday which was last Saturday. All good now. I could certify online with no issues.

          • Shelly

            Thanks for getting back to me. I’m happy yours went through. Mine shows two weeks as disqualified and above that it says that I need to search for work, which I did. I sent the form the next day (11/27) after receiving it. My interviewer asked me today if I sent it in and I told her yes. So maybe it’s just not processed yet I’m hoping.

          • Mine showed 6 weeks as disqualified. I never got an interview. They had me mail in my Check Stubs for verification. The whole process did take a while, but it was because of processing. Are you certifying online or by mail? It’s much easier online. Everything should workout for u as well. Call them tomorrow and get more info. Getting a hold of them is pain. They only take calls 8am-12pm. Good Luck Shelly

          • Shelly

            I had to certify for the first two weeks by mail, because I didn’t have my account number yet at the time. I registered online today so will do that in the future. I will call them tomorrow, but the interviewer told me today the my employer has 48 hours to respond as well. I heard if you hit the option for another language when calling, like Vietnamese, you’ll get through faster. Thank you Bobby

          • Shelly805

            What happens if the employer does not get back to edd?

          • S0lly

            I think the employer has 10 days or so to respond to your claim to EDD. If they do not reply, the claim is determined by whatever information the EDD has. Basically, if the employer does not contest it, the employee wins by default. Of course, the EDD may disqualify you for something else, ie was it a voluntary quit, malicious misconduct, so you at the interview, you are best to say as little as possible. Just say you were fired and you really don’t know why. Many people will talk their way into their own disqualification….

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