EDD sent email saying to certify but home page on UI Online says disqualified?

May 7, 2017 · 4 comments

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EDD sent me an email saying I can now certify for last 2 weeks. I did so, and then noticed that the home page on UI Online says “disqualified ” next to the 2 weeks I had just been requested to certify for. Does anyone else have this problem? Will the certification and proof of looking for work for the past 2 weeks, override the disqualification message? HELP

  • DudeSeriously

    Did you just open the claim and just have the interview? Do you know if you were approved? I have the same thing happen right now? I just had my interview this past Tuesday. The MDW is here so I won’t know anything till Wednesday when the next update is. Did you find anything out? Does that mean were disqualified?

  • caroll

    I am having the same issue and lack the patience to find out over the next few days what is going on? Did you end up getting the funds approved. Hoping yes.

    • jjramir

      Were you able to qualify?

  • jjramir

    I’m having the same issue ! Have not yet received if I have even qualified or approved. Having really bad anxiety just thinking about it and waiting for something to come in the mail.

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