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September 20, 2013 · 15 comments

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State of California Employment Development Department shared a link.
57 minutes ago
More updates on EDD’s progress on the new UI system and processing delays:

– On Thursday, September 19, the EDD processed certifications for approximately 47,000 claimants. Of those, 11,000 customers had a certification dating back to the Labor Day week that was cleared from the backlog.
– The EDD started Thursday with a total backlog of about 60,500 claimants waiting beyond ten days for EDD to process their certifications for ongoing benefits. Again, about 11,000 of those were processed by the end of the day through expanded processing efforts which are focused on clearing the oldest certifications first.
– But certifications from 33,000 claimants dating back to September 9th are now beyond ten days so they have been added to the backlog. So as of Friday, September 20, there are approximately 80,000 claimants with backlogged certifications for benefits.
– These backlogged certifications are EDD’s number one priority. Hundreds of staff will be working throughout the weekend, with programmers working around the clock, to clear as much of this backlog as possible.
– We do anticipate the number of backlogged certifications to turn around and significantly decrease over the next several days as we complete more and more of the one-time adjustments needed in these cases.
– The EDD sincerely apologizes for the hardship experienced for those with backlogged certifications for benefits. We are committed to doing everything possible to resolve the backlog issue and get customers cleared of any further undue interruptions.

For more information and updates: http://www.edd.ca.gov/Unemployment/UI_Updates.htm

  • GuestyMcGuest

    So is the backlog just gonna keep getting bigger and bigger? What an unbelievable mess this is. The people who made this system should be collecting unemployment with the rest of us, because they shouldn’t have a job after this.

    • Isabella4ever

      It isn’t the EDD worker. It is Deloitte – the system designer. I KNEW this would happen.

      It will get exponentially worse over time until EDD can ferret out all the glitches.

      UE administration is very complex these days – what with bye recerts, multiple claim EUC, tier reversions to earlier claims, possible other state claim eligibility overriding EUC eligibility, DNCP, appeals, etc., etc., etc.

      CA was, up to this point, doing an outstanding job of administering this highly complex benefit system for a HUGE number of claimants. Then, Deloitte came in and screwed it all up.

      It will get worse before it gets better. New claims being submitted on Sunday. More people not getting paid, more complications in every area. That number will be over 100k by the end of next week. Hope I’m wrong.

      Deloitte should sued.

  • Ted

    Well I guess my claim ending last week of August has been pushed back to October!!! This sucks balls and so does the edd

  • in_SoCal

    The backlog seems to be growing everyday. But, EDD keeps stating they expect this number to decrease in the next couple of days…confusing.

    • Isabella4ever

      Nothing confusing about it. See my post above yours. Totally predictable given Deloitte’s track record and complexity of UE generally.

      • in_SoCal

        Gotcha…I didn’t see your post when I posted mine. Thanks for that

    • ConfusedinCA

      The backlog grows but not due to what you think. Issues that arose from the initial SP problem are being solved and diminishing.

      NEW issues are showing up that replace the numbers of unpaid claims with SP flags.

      Every week (frankly, every day) new problems are showing up and shift the backlog issues from ones that have been solved and do not crop up again (how many people had flags removed for the week ending 8-31-13 payments had the same issue occur for the 9-14-13 payment?) to a new backlog category that must be solved by the project team, not the front-line reps.

      Yes, this program switch has caused issues. Unfortunately, the scope of the potential issues was known and the “upgrade” released anyway.

      And both claimants and EDD staff are having to slough through the consequences.

      • in_SoCal

        Ahhh, ok that makes sense about the new issues. Thanks for explaining this.

  • Where’s the rest of the money?

    The stats are discouraging. At least EDD is being honest about this snafu. I would rather be told a bitter truth than be told a fluffed up lie.

  • Rox

    I love this site. I’ve had the worst, brokest (that’s a word), and disappointing week and apparently so have others. This update has eased some concerns. I guess I’ve found some humor in this. Namaste folks.

  • justsayin

    They need to break out these numbers. On the backlog, how many were paper with wages, etc? How many were electronic, webcert/telecert? If the old flags are truly fixed then those people who continue to file electronically they shouldn’t continue to add to the backlog. If the new system can’t process the new transfers from tier to tier or state to fededal we’re all screwed.
    Paper claims will just continue to pile up. Intentionally or not they are signaling to people not to take part time jobs and taking any job they can. Personally I wouldn’t have taken this pt job if I’d known what was coming. Yes, I know my benefits won’t last forever but I have been trying to budget the last of unemployment to coincide with getting more hours as we get closer to the holiday season. I got 2 shifts for a total of 9 hours so my next ck will be less than 100. I can’t live on 300-400 month. The stories about evictions, losing a car, utilities being shut off, whether you believe them now or not, will be a reality very soon for many people.

    • justsayin

      Sorry for the double post..accessing from my phone and it’s decided to be screwy. .making it look like things haven’t gone through when the have..I’ll take that as a sign to give it up for the night. .

    • Kal

      it ‘s not the the way you certify (paper, web or phone) the carry over of the old claim and/or non payable claim flags are one part of it. Some instances of the claim forms are not matching the claims its to pay on which requires some work to get them to match the claim it is to pay from.

      There are some claims that show being paid but the the system message to pay is not triggering the actual payment to the debit card. These are all things that staff are working on resolving to get everyone paid.

      If anyone has an eviction notice or a shutoff notice my suggestion is go to your local job service office and ask them to fax your notice to your claim holding office to get that addressed as a hardship. This does not mean that the people who have not been paid are not a priority it is that someone has a more serious issue that needs prompt resolution. This has also helped in figuring out resolutions to some of the problems and a way to help everyone else.

  • Where’s the rest of the money?

    The new system cannot process from one tier to the next, without intervention. I know from personal experience. I had to have flags removed last week, and again this week. I still have not been paid. I recently ended week 13 of tier 2. If I get paid for that last week, then I have another single week payment due for a separate week of Tier 2, called EUCX. The process is complex and the new system, thus far, has not automatically generated the claim forms needed to file. I received messed up overlapping claim forms, etc. I finally got through to EDD yesterday and was told there was no record of my telecert for week 13 of tier 2. This was after I had the first flag removed. The EDD rep is supposed to mail me a claim form for the one week. The hope is in that I was able to webcert this A.M. for that week. The new system is FUBAR.

  • Isaias Lopez

    Thanks for posting this. It was some what helpful, at least now I know they know and I know a lil bit more of what’s going on

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