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    talk to your legislators about lifting the hiring freeze!

  • Frustrated

    I am currently 9 months preg (due on 9/26/11). My Doctor disabled me as of 8/29/11… Today is 9/16/11. Since, my disability started, I have only received $45 freaking dollars from disability. My husband’s work is very slow, his cks are normally what pays our major bills ( mortgage, car payment, utility bills etc…) his work is not giving him any OT at this time. I normally pay for groceries, my 4 yr old preschool payments, gas, the small stuff and of course if i want to go shopping with the girlfriends. I can’t even meet friends for lunches because I have no extra cash, and I refuse to get into our savings (emergency funds). Just like the gentleman posted, about putting in the system every pay ck I get. Not cool at!!! The people getting government aid (welfare)are currently making more than I am. And they are NOT contributing to the state system. I seriously can not wait until I have my son, and seriously desperately need to return to work.

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    frustrated- I am also pregnant and on unemployment. I got “let go” from a company when I was five and a half months pregnant and now I am 8 and a half months and the amount I get on unemployment is way less than it should be. I don’t think I;m going to even bother filing for disability and just keep collecting my unemployment because I don’t want the disruption in payment and can’t afford to collect any less. If I could only collect $45 I would be in deep sh!t

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