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    probably is a vague answer. Hopefully you’ll get the official award letter in the mail soon to ease your mind. Telecert stating you can certify is a good sign.

  • trinibini

    Thats exactly how it happened for me. Seamless, however you are dealing with a government entity so never count your chickens until you get an official letter saying you may.

  • Original O.P.

    Thanks for the responses. I’m the O.P. Sadly still no official letter as of this Saturday, but telecert is still saying I am calling too earl to certify and to call back next weekend.

    I’m anxious but have to admit it’s only been 4 business days since my last payment and only one business day since I got the 0.00 balance letter also stating if eligible the would file for me. I just want this to go smoothly and quickly.

    Reading the insiders guide it states it takes about 10 business days after the balance is marked at o.oo to get all the letters and as my luck goes of course this coming monday is also a holiday so I have to wait all the way to next friday before a red flag goes up that something may be wrong and sure enough the following two days are a weekend. Sigh! this is scary. I’ve ran every thing over in my mind to think what could cause any problems and can’t think of any. Every thing is there. My base wages exceed both 40x my weekly benefit and 1.5x my highest quarter. There have never been any errors or hold ups. I’m also a caljob’s junkie signing in weekly and updating my resume bi-weekly before I certify.

  • EC

    To ease your mind, when I transitioned from my Initial 26 weeks to Tier 1, I never received a letter regarding my extensions whether if I was approved or not. Just received a claim form to file. And if I called, it said to call back on that date like it said on the claim form.

    So, I would say it is a safe bet that you’re approved for Tier 1.

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