Employer with a VERY BAD employee EDD issues

August 3, 2017

in Pissed!

I am a employer and a small business. I had a employee for 4 weeks. It was a tough time as I had serious illiness and death in my family and had to be out of the office at hospital. I hired a “friend” of a good friend of mine who ended up being a nite mere. She told me she was a licensed CPA I checked after the fact and she was not. She started pressuring me to be a signer on my checking account first red flag, she tried to get me to hire her boyfriend who I found out was always at my office when I did not come in. Finally it got so bad my old time employees called and said you need to come in today!! or we are all quitting. I came in to find out the bad employees boyfriend had called a meeting of my employees the night before to tell them the business was a sinking ship and I a drug addict ( I do not even drink) I let her go that day and when I did her boyfriend tried to hit me. I pretended to call police and he took off by this time she was crying. OH how I wished I would have called police when he tried to assault me. As his mug shot is all over the web I gave her 2 weeks pay to get rid of her. Her boyfriend threatened to take me down he was going to the labor board , the edd, the irs which he did and I have been in a 1 year audit which has been HELL. I have 3 police reports on this criminal scammer.They found all my employee taxes have been paid but they had to find something and now it is a witch hunt. I have been struggling since the whole 2008 bank fiasco to keep going. This woman stole my brand new lap top, used several of my personal credit cards all of which I filed police reports on. Police took her side “as she worked for me” and I authorized it. I am so pissed off I can hardly stand it. Any one can walk into your business and go to a Governmental office as a Whistle blower and tell them anything and cause you and your business much harm and not a DAMM thing you can do about it. PISSED OFF. I have had to hire a costly attorney to help .

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