Extension 2014 approved

December 23, 2013 · 10 comments

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My friend just called me and said she saw on the news that the 2014 extensions were approved. Anyone else here this?

  • guest

    All reps are on vacation and still need to vote on it.
    Don’t spread false news..

  • Isabella4ever

    So, are you having your jollies today?? Half of Congress has gone home. There was no vote. There are no extensions.

    The Ghost of Chistmas Past will be putting you in chains for spreading this untruth.

    • ?Tiff?

      Shut up that’s why I said has anyone heard this because my friend told me this. Not spreading untruth trying to figure out if this was true ass hole.

      • Isabella4ever

        Google is your friend. Couldn’t you google for more info before even posting this teaser? And, you are the second person in the past two days to ask this Q exactly this way. At this point, that Q becomes a troll post.

        • ?Tiff?

          Google is my friend that’s why I posted that I couldn’t find anything on it and wanted to know if anyone else heard this.

      • another idiot

        Tiff is sure showing her stupidity. Good luck trying to find a job loser.

        • trolling cyberbully alert


  • Me

    Don’t know where your friend got that info but the latest news from 3 hours ago is still the same. The majority of voters support the extensions but the rublicunts still oppse it.


    But the bright side is the poll indicates the republicans will lose votes if the F this up so we have 2 things to look forward to…either a) less republicans, or b) they cave and support the extensions come Jan 7th (which is my bet).

    • Think Now

      What have the Democrats done for you (or anyone) lately? Pelosi caved and let the budget pass without approving the UI fed extensions.

      • True

        That is true but it would not have even been an issue if not for the republicans. And when we do get extensions in January you will be thanking the Dems. I know they will fight for us. However with that said if they cave again there will be plenty of them voted out along with the republcans.

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