• Anonymus_One

    You are correct.  EDD website gives the schedule for how many weeks you can collect for each Tier of benefits.  It does say the last day to file for any Tier is 12/21/2012 and the last day a payable week is for 12/29/2012.  

    The federal government funds the extensions.  Obama signed in for Tiers 1-4 to stay in effect until the end of the year.  Otherwise when you first apply for UI benefits it is only for 26 weeks and that is funded by the State.  At the time unless the EUC extensions are in effect then you are done at the end of your 26 weeks.

    So it remains to be seen whether the EUC extensions will be extended into 2013.  You won’t find that out until the end of the year.

    Click on insiders guide at the top of this page and it has very informative reading about this and other topics.

  • carlch

    anonymus – I, too, am on Tier 1 — I think most UE on these federal extensions just don’t get it yet that we will be cut off in December regardless of what tier we are on.  There are 1.1 million in California collecting on the tiers — on serves to further erode the economy here

    • Anonymus_One

      Correct.  In general people have the misunderstanding that they are entitled to and paid into the “UI & EUC system”.  Which isn’t true.  Your employer paid the State for your funding of the initial 26 wks.  And after that it is the tax payers who are supporting the EUC extensions that the federal government funds.

      Obama got a lot of pressure to not sign into legislation our current extensions.  That’s why the change in work search requirements and more “hoops” to jump through.  If it gets extended again for 2013, I would actually be surprised, considering the extensions have been going on for the past 3 years now.  But then again it’s an election year, so anything is possible.

      • abc

        I think that’s the case too. I’m on Tier 4 (the end of the line), but many of my co-workers who got laid off before me got the full 99 weeks. My previous employer has laid off thousands and is always in the news. Most of us are in our 50s/60s, so it is even more difficult to find a job because there is rampant age discrimination out there whether or not employers want to admit it.

        • Barolo

          Unfortunately, abc is right. Age discrmination is rampant especially in the technology sector. I believe the only way things will begin to change is when major class action lawsuits begin to be filed. I remember reading somewhere that age discrmination lawsuits will be HUGE in the coming years…

        • Anonymus_One

          I agree.  I’m in the 40’s range.  My best friend was part of a massive lay off back in April 2010 in the Bay Area, frequently in the news as well.  Fortunately that company qualified for TAA which entitled their employees to those benefits.  She went to school and now works in the BioTech field.  She didn’t quite get the 99 weeks, she was on the FED-ED extension for a few weeks before they stopped it.  

  • carlch

    Anonymus – According to the EDD website there are 1.1M collecting on these tiers here in CA — I don’t know about other states.  The job market may have picked up, but still not enough jobs are being created.  Many of us caught in this mess are older workers and we not high on any employers list to interview much less hire despite our work history and experience.   Cutting off tiers in high unemployment states in 2013 will only worsen the economy. 

    Thanks for generating this very informative site.  I’ve not had any problems with EDD or my claim — I simply follow their instructions to the tee.         

    • Anonymus_One

      I agree with you.  I’m in the same boat.  I agree that if the extensions don’t roll into 2013 that the state of CA will really be in trouble.  Unfortunately when it comes to politics decisions get made that don’t make any sense to the public.  Our federal government always seems to have money to fund a war, but has difficulty in making sure that people’s basic needs are taken care of.  It’s sad but true.  

  • Devin

    Yes. Everyone who is currently on a federal extension will be screwed after December 29, 2012. One million people in California will be thrown to the wolves. They say the job market has picked up, but I can’t tell. The jobs being created are not the same jobs millions have lost.

  • no name

    Please help me out, I am confused with the chart on edd website. I am currently receiving tier 1. My EDD benefit started 1/02/12. I receive a extention in around June. And on my claim form it looks like i would get my last claim on 12/18/12 than it will became $0. So does that means that will be the last claim i’ll ever get if I still can’t find a job? thx for info.

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